Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Names for Ned

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Ned is an Old English contraction, coming from the phrase "mine Edward" or "mine Edmund." Hence, any name that starts with an Ed- is worthy of the nickname Ned. He's spunky, not used much in the U.S., but also really adorable. Listed below are some choices for Ned's full name.

Edison- Trendiest of the group, he has that popular surname feel.
Edmund- Extremely British, yet very useable here.
Edward- Straightforward, but a classic.
Edwin- An overlooked choice to consider.

Eden- Yes, it looks like the girls name Eden. But in Israel it's a boys name pronounced ED-in. Maybe spell is Edan.
Edgar- A la Poe.
Edge- I'm not going to lie, Ned and Edge have very different feels, this combination would surprise me.

Unheard of:
Edom- He means "red" in Hebrew.
Edric- Another cool British choice, he could possibly honor an Eric.
Edsel- A German name that could work in the U.S., especially with Ned as the nickname.

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