Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best of 2013

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Happy New Year, everyone! I'll get back to regular posting soon, but in the mean time, here's the best blog posts of 2013.

January: In January we talked about Kimye's baby. I didn't predict it there, but I may have the year before.
February: We viewed some full names for Alex for both genders in February.
March: This month we went over all the lovely nicknames for Elizabeth, my personal favorite being Elsa.
April: In April we looked at names inspired by Chicago neighborhoods. This was my favorite post of the year.
May: May showed us the best names of Britain, with Boden Catalog Names.
June: This month we saw what the best anagram names for twins were. My favorite sets were Dot and Tod, and Arlo and Orla.
July: In July we talked about full names for Nell, my absolute favorite.
August: August taught us about full names for Lissie, there are a surprising amount.
September: We went over animal names in September.
October: On Halloween we looked at names of our favorite candies.
November: In November we went over some unexpected calendar names.
December: Finally, last month we enjoyed looking at names culled from the Olive & Cocoa catalog.

The top three viewers favorites of the year were:

1. Nicknames for Susannah
2. Full Names for Cece
3. Nicknames for Henry

Thanks for reading, and happy 2014!

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