Monday, January 27, 2014

And the Nominees Are: Oscar Nominee Names

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I adore the Oscars. Other award shows are so bland, but The Academy Awards captivate me all night long. I have compiled some names inspired by Oscar nominated films, actors, and more as inspiration for a babe born on the fantastic night.

Jasmine- The Woody Allen directed film Blue Jasmine was nominated for best writing. Jasmine is a lovely name, if not slightly outdated.
Lupita- Lupita Nyong'o of 12 Years a Slave is getting a lot of attention this year. Her fashion sense and acting skills are highly praised, but what about her name? Lupita is a great choice that should be embraced by more parents.
Omar- This Palestinian film of the same name is nominated for best foreign language film. Omar is a great cross-cultural name, perfect for families of mixed backgrounds.
Wolf- Wolf is a cool-boy's name, but The Wolf of Wall Street might not be the movie to gain inspiration from.

Blue- Again from Blue Jasmine, but this time, more likely to be inspired by Beyoncé's daughter.
Celestine- What a gorgeous elaboration of Celeste. Inspired by the animated film Ernest and Celestine, about a mouse and a bear.
Ernest- This old-school pick would make a refreshing choice on a baby.
Moon- The Moon Song from Her was absolutely beautiful (and deserve the win in my book). What a lovely lullaby it would make for a daughter named Moon.
Phillips- I'm not a fan of Tom Hanks, but his surname in Captain Phillips is baby name worthy.

Unheard of:
Dallas- This unisex name will remind people of Texas much more than Dallas Buyers Club.
Gatsby- Nominated for costume design, The Great Gatsby has a plethora of great named characters, but Gatsby makes your intentions obvious.
Llewyn- Inside Llewyn Davis was nominated for best cinematography. Llewyn strikes me as out of the box but wearable. A more masculine form of Llewellyn.
Philomena- I haven't seen the film, but Philomena is a great Greek name that is one hundred percent wearable in 2014.

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