Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog Names: The Socialite Family

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I recently stumbled upon a French blog called The Socialite Family, and fell in love with it. I adore the homes featured on the blog, but I love the names even more. Listed here are the names of the children.

Aliocha (boy) and Hiroko (girl)
Anne, Nemo, Leon, and Jules
Arsene (girl)
Bishop, Ford, and Clark
Charles and Eve
Chiara, Ines, and Joseph
Eli and Thom
Gustave and Honore
Jacques and Paul
Leontine, Abel, and Violette
Margaux and Raul
Minnie and Roxanne
Nataniel and Vadim
Selma, Gabriel, and Gaspard
Reina and Niels
Vasco (girl)
Wolfy and West

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