Friday, June 27, 2014

Initial Names

Many parents find themselves in positions where they want to name their child one name, but call them something completely unrelated. This can get tricky, especially with honor names. Luckily, I have thought of a solution. If you give your child a certain pattern of initials (whether it be with the first and middle or first and last) a whole new name can be created. Still confused? Watch this.

ED- Edie. Want to honor Great Aunt Ekaterina as well as Grandma Danette? Give your daughter those two names, but call her Edie instead.

EV- Evie. You love the name Etheline Vivienne, but really want a daughter named Evie? Here you go.

FE- Effie. Perfect for those times when Francesca Emiliana is just a little too long.

IO- Io. Not only do these initials make the sounds of a new name, they actually spell it too. If you think Io is too short and spunky for a given name, go ahead and name her Isabella Olivia, but call her by her initials (please).

JC- Jaycee. Your partner loves common names, but you love unique names, specifically Jemima Coralie. I'd say this is the perfect compromise.

KC- Casey. It's a shame that Kai has no nickname, except if you name him Kai Carraway then you can call him Casey as well.

KD- Katie? Cady. This one's a bit of a stretch, since Katie is spelled with a T. However, if you love the name Katie but are stuck naming your daughter Kelly Danielle after your partner's sister, you now have a way to use your favorite name.

KT- Katie. Kimball Therese is the name, and now your partner is brainstorming potential nicknames. Get him off his Kimmy kick and suggest Katie instead.

LC- Elsie. Elsa was your number one name for six years, but Frozen totally ruined it. I know how you feel. Lilia Celeste is a gorgeous name, and will make a better non-tainted way to get to Elsie.

LE- Ellie. Every first born daughter in your family is named Ludmila, but you're already called Millie. Lucky for you her name is Ludmila Eden, because now you can call her Ellie.

ME- Emme. You just adopted a two year old, and her name is already Mireya Elspeth. It's too bad you'll never get to use your favorite name, Emma. Luckily Mireya has set you up perfectly, because you can call her Emme.

RE- Ari. This is your last child, but you still have to honor Grandpa Raymond, Uncle Ezekiel, and Grandma Ardith. Is there such a way to do this? Kill three birds with one stone, name him Raymond Ezekiel and call him Ari.

SE- Essie. You can't picture yourself naming your daughter after your favorite nail polish brand, but what a cute nickname Essie would be. Are there any names that shorten to Essie? Not really. Susanna Elise is a much better choice than Essence (what?) and you still get the same nickname.

XE- Exie. Mom really wants you to choose Xanthe for your daughter's name after her grandmother who you never met, but you are reluctant. But hey, if you name her Xanthe Esmeralda then you can call her Exie. Cute.  

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