Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 D Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Today we're looking at D names for girls. I'll admit, this one was a little troublesome, there aren't that many great girls names beginning in D. I think I found 10 good ones though. Tell me what you think.

Dagny- Charming Irish girl with a slice of tomboy.

Dania- Pronounced DAHN-yuh, she's a pretty name that remains under the radar.

Darcy- She would make a perfect sister for Lucy and the like, yet hasn't broken the top 1000. Baffling.

Della- Swearing off Ella because of popularity? Della is quirkier and cuter.

Delphine- She used to remind me of dolphins, but since that association faded, I've come to adore Delphine.

Dorie- Yes, there's the Finding Nemo reference, but Dorie is a wonderful name (though I may be a bit bias, my best friend is named Dorie :).

Dorsey- Can't shake the fish? Dorsey mixes Dorie and Darcy to make this unique moniker.

Dot- My favorite D name for a girl. She's too adorable.

Dulcie- A very sweet British import.

Dwyn- Slightly less fussy than Gwyn.

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  1. Daphne is pretty great, too.

    Dacey would go right along Macy, Lacey, or Stacy, but it's Irish and seems to have more chops than the others.

    I love the "dear" sound in Deirdre; it's so calm and collected and sweet.

    From your list, Dot is just crazy cute! And Dulcie has the whole Don-Quiote-literary-thing going for it on top of being totally feminine. Nice job, and happy birthday!