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Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 15

Each family has different traditions and values when it comes to naming their children, and celebrities are no different. Some, like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, prefer the meanings of their children's names to be packed with significance. Their daughters are named Honor and Haven, which are both quite virtuous. Other stars, like James Corden and Cristiano Ronaldo, place value on family names. Cristiano Ronaldo's oldest son is a junior, which is the utmost way to honor the father in many families. James Corden's daughter is named Carey, for his wife's maiden name.

I'm most interested to see what naming values some first-time celebrity parents will have. Will Nathan Kress choose a name from his side of the family? Would Mindy Kaling pick a name inspired by one of her heroes (like Nora Ephron, perhaps?) I can't wait to find out!

Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Lily Grace Victoria
Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild have a naming style I like to call "accessible royalty." Their daughter's name--Lily Grace Victoria--has a regal sound to it, with the two middles and classic names, but with a modern twist. I think their next child will have a name with a similar feel--rooted in royalty, but appropriate for a baby of 2017.
Girl: Adelaide, Cecilia, Charlotte, Chloe, Elizabeth, Juliette, Madeleine, Ruby
Boy: Charles, Henry, Jack, Jacob, Nathaniel, Oliver, Samuel, Theodore, William
*Update* Another girl--Teddy Marilyn!

Julia Carey and James Corden
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Max, Carey (g)
James Corden and his wife Julia used one of my favorite honor naming techniques--they gave their daughter Julia's maiden name as a first name--Carey. Carey (and its more widely-used form, Carrie) was most popular in the 1970s, while the Corden's son's name, Max, peaked in 2011. I'm hoping James and Julia choose a name that bridges the style gap between the two names, and leads to a cohesive sibset.
Girl: Abigail, Caroline, Emma, Gemma, Gracie, Greta, Laney, Leah, Molly, Phoebe
Boy: Callum, Charlie, Drew, Isaac, Jack, Luke, Miles, Nico, Nolan, Owen, Reid

London Moore and Nathan Kress
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Model and actress London Elise Moore and actor Nathan Kress are a young couple with strong family-oriented values. I have a feeling they might choose a name from one of their family trees. It turns out Nathan's side of the family has tons of great options, ranging from the classic to the quirky!
Girl: Alice, Anna, Caroline, Charlotte, Hazel, Janie, Katherine, Margaret, Mamie
Boy: Alexander, Charles, Henry, Jacob, James, Lewis, Marshall, Roy, Stone, Truett
*Update* It's a girl--Rosie Carolyn!

Mindy Kaling
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
On her TV show The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling's character has a son named Leo. Considering she has a role in writing the script, I'd bet Leo is a name that Mindy likes (and maybe even made her list at one point or another). Keeping that in mind, I chose some names that share Leo's essence--short, friendly, and charming.
Girl: Emmy, Eva, Josie, Lila, Maya, Mina, Mira, Nora, Nina, Roxy, Ruby, Veda
Boy: Arlo, Asher, Dashiell, Eli, Emmett, Felix, Henry, Levi, Maxwell, Milo, Theo
*Update* Welcome, Katherine Swati!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Honor Marie, Haven Garner
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren love names that are rich with meaning, particularly those with a virtuous quality. Honor and Haven are modern virtue names--sweeter and subtler than the virtue names of yesteryear like Patience and Chastity. I'm hoping they stick with that theme for baby number three, although I'm not so sure how I feel about another potential H name. Would it be cute or gimmicky?
Girl: Aurora, Ember, Harbor, Harlow, Hollis, Hope, Ivy, Jade, Nova, Sage, Willow
Boy: Everett, Foster, Harris, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Lawson, Linden, Pax, Sailor, True
*Update* Baby boy is Hayes Alba!

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Cristiano Jr., Eva Maria, Mateo (previous relationship)
Spanish soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are expecting his fourth child--a brother or sister for the impeccably named Cristiano Jr., Eva Maria, and Mateo. His youngest two children have names that are quite fashionable in Spain, so my bet is that baby number four will have a trendy and stylish name as well.
Girl: Alba, Carolina, Elena, Helena, Isabel, Lola, Lucia, Luna, Marina, Sofia
Boy: Bruno, Gabriel, Iker, Leo, Luis, Marco, Martin, Niko, Oscar, Sebastian
*Update* A little girl--Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro

Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Actors Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace are huge Harry Potter fans. Knowing how influential the series has been when it comes to baby name trends, I would not be surprised if the Graces chose a name of one of the minor characters. Not necessarily a name that's super out there, like Severus or Artemisia, but something with familiarity--perhaps Phineas or Emmeline.
Girl: Aurora, Emmeline, Honoria, Isla, Maisie, Millicent, Mirabella, Penelope
Boy: Connolly, Dexter, Gideon, Humphrey, Magnus, Otto, Phineas, Zacharias
*Update* Hello, Mabel Jane!

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick
Gender: girl
Siblings: Hank
Hank is one of those old-school, every-man nicknames of the 20th century that is just beginning to have that "adorkable" status among parents. Now that Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick are expecting a daughter, I'm curious to hear what they pair with Hank. I'm clearly hoping for another sassy retro name!
Girl: Annie, Edie, Francie, Georgia, Louise, Lucille, Minnie, Nellie, Tess
*Update* Welcome, Stevie!

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