Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 16

When it comes to naming siblings, families have different approaches. Some choose an obvious theme, like Coleen and Wayne Rooney, whose children are named Kai, Klay, and Kit. Others, like Lisa and Jack Osborne, don't feel the need to have coordinating sibling names--one of their daughters has the sweet, vintage name Pearl, and the other has the androgynous, spunky name Andy.

It will be interesting to see how this group of celebrities adds to their sibsets. Will Boomer Phelps have a sibling with an equally out-there name? Will Kim and Kanye use another word name for North and Saint's brother or sister? I've made my predictions below, but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

April Love Geary and Robin Thicke
Gender: girl
Siblings: Julian Fuego (previous relationship)
Robin Thicke's son has a name with distinct Latin flair--Julian Fuego. Although he and his sister will have different mothers, I'd love for them to have somewhat coordinated names. A great way to do that would be to give her a name that has a history of use in Spanish speaking countries, as well as the United States.
Girl: Angelina, Camila, Elena, Isabella, Liliana, Naomi, Olivia, Stella
*Update* Welcome, Mia Love!

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron Colonomus
Gender: boy
Siblings: Adrian Benjamin
Adrian Benjamin is a handsome, classic name that is easy to like. He has the added bonus of cute initials--ABC. Considering Adrian's first two initials are the reverse of his dad's, it might be sweet for Ginger and Ben Aaron to give their second son the initials RG--which is the reverse of Ginger's first and middle initials. Although, that tradition would be hard to keep up with if they decide to have more than two children.
Boy: Caleb, Dominic, Felix, Gabriel, Gregor, Lucas, Peter, Rhys, Russell, Silas
*Update* Baby boy is Miles Macklin!

Coleen and Wayne Rooney
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Kai, Klay, Kit
For Coleen and Wayne Rooney's fourth baby, I'd be shocked if he or she doesn't have another K name. I'd wager that the name will be one syllable as well, although there are some great double syllable options for a daughter.
Girl: Kacy, Kali, Kami, Kass, Kate, Kay, Kaylie, Keira, Kess, Kia, Kiki, Klare
Boy: Kade, Kane, Kase, Kash, Keane, Keyes, King, Kole, Kord, Krew, Kyle
*Update* It's a boy, but not another K name! Welcome, Cass Mac!

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell
Gender: unknown twins!
Siblings: Eisele Kaye
Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell's daughter has a very special name--Eisele is her paternal grandmother's maiden name, and Kaye is her maternal grandmother's maiden name. Honoring family is clearly important to the Tyrrells, and they certainly have space to honor a lot of people with their upcoming arrival of twins! I've scoured their family trees for potential honorees, but also included some names that work stylistically with Eisele.
Girl: Dove, Eden, Emerald, Flora, Issa, Jean, Laurel, Lindy, Raya, Sage, Willow
Boy: Davis, Ever, Forrest, Hart, Judah, Lane, Lang, Nash, Scott, Tennessee, True
*Update* Identical twin girls--Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn!

Lisa and Jack Osborne
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Pearl Clementine, Andy Rose
Pearl and Andy may seem like a bit of a mis-match for sister names, but one element that ties them together is their botanical middle names. I hope the Osbornes continue that theme with their third baby, even if it's a boy. There are plenty of great nature names for boys--ranging from Forest to Linden--that I could picture them using as a middle name.
Girl: Bee, Estelle, Frances, Georgia, Harriet, Ivy, Lark, Maude, Olive, Violet
Boy: August, Edmund, Heath, Henry, Pierce, Quentin, Rex, Sebastian, Simon
*Update* Welcome, Minnie Theodora!

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Boomer Robert
How do you match a name as bold as Boomer? I think another action-packed word name might be in store for a boy--something like Colt or Gunner. For a girl, high-value Scrabble letters and punchy sounds are key--think Lux and Ripley. Whether they're having a son or a daughter, the Phelps family has quite the task ahead of them, picking a name to match Boomer's swagger.
Girl: Bodhi, Coco, Dixie, Jette, Jude, Lux, Pax, Rebel, Ripley, Rogue, Sawyer
Boy: Axel, Bear, Beau, Bricker, Colt, Danger, Gunner, Racer, Storm, Wilder
*Update* Another boy--Beckett Richard!

Elspeth Keller and Reid Scott
Gender: boy
Siblings: Conrad
We're in the midst of a Conrad comeback. Since 2011, it has risen over 200 spots in the top 1000, but at #591, Conrad is hardly trendy. I'm guessing Elspeth Keller and Reid Scott will choose another clunky-cool name poised to swing back into style--perhaps another one with German origins.
Boy: Anton, Casper, Edwin, Frederick, Harold, Lawson, Oswald, Otto, Warren
*Update* Hello, Damon Leif!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Gender: unknown
Siblings: North, Saint
Had you asked me back in May what Kim and Kanye would name a second son, I would have told you Sir. But fast forward a few months to July, and that is the name Beyonce and Jay Z gave their son, Sir Carter. Alas, there are still great choices for Kimye's newest arrival, including ones that connote their celebrity royalty status and fit in with North and Saint.
Girl: Forever, Halo, Idol, Journey, Key, Poet, Rebel, Regal, Rogue, Soul, True, Victory, Wisdom
Boy: Champ, Chief, Epic, Future, Hero, Knight, Legend, Riot, Royal, Supreme, Wild, Win, Winner
*Update* Baby girl is Chicago!

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