Monday, February 9, 2015

Full Names for Ash

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Ten years ago, anyone you met named Ash was a girl. Her full name was most likely Ashley, and she was probably born in the late eighties. It's not that easy anymore. With the rise of names like Ashton and Asher, Ash has slowly become an acceptable name for boys. Ash is a great modern nickname for either gender. Any of the following names would be perfect for a full name.

Aishling or Ashlyn- Don't be fooled--these two names are pronounced the same way. Aishling is the authentic Irish spelling, but if you prefer Anglicized names, use the phonetic Ashlyn.

Ashanta- Ashanta is an extremely rare name, fewer than five baby girls were given the name last year. Nonetheless, she's absolutely gorgeous.

Ashanti- Ashanti can be used for both genders, but she's currently more popular for baby girls. This African name is the most popular in Mexico, but ranks at #1146 in the U.S. Perfect for the family looking for a name that's familiar yet uncommon.

Ashari- This lovely name is my favorite of the list. She's quite common in Southeast Asia, but her origins are unknown. Ashari has a beautiful sound, and her similarity to the Hebrew name Shari makes her a good choice for families with blended heritage.

Ashby- Ashby is the most unisex name of this list, being 70% male and 30% female. Even though it seems like a very contemporary name, Ashby peaked in the year 1918. Back then he was only used for boys, but started being used for girls in the late '60s.

Asher- Last year Asher was ranked #104, the highest he's ever been. It seems like he may be hitting a plateau, but he could break the top 100 this year. It's easy to see why everyone loves Asher--he's a very charming name (plus, he means "happy").

Ashland- I figured Ashland would be used slightly more for girls than for boys, but I was surprised how much. 85% of all Ashlands born last year are female, and only 15% are male. I prefer Ashland on a boy--is it just me, or does the -land suffix feel very masculine?

Ashley- This out-of-favor eighties darling is falling quickly, but still remains in the top 100 (at #67 nonetheless). For a 2015 baby, choose one of the other options instead.

Ashton- Ashton Kutcher definitely propelled his name into the spotlight. It reached peak popularity in 2004, and has stayed in the top 200. My guess is that he will drop out off the top 300 in the next few years.

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