Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lily's Full Names

Everybody loves Lily. She stands at a popular 15 on the U.S. charts. Even though you could go right ahead and use Lily (or Lili, Lillie, or Lilly) She has some great longer appellations.

Lileas- Also spelt Lillias, this Scottish version of Lily is extremely unique and beautiful.

Lilia- Lilia is super sweet and girly, and has two built in nicknames.

Liliana- Even though she is originally from Spain, Liliana is catching on with many an American parent.

Lillian- Not far behind Lily at 22, Lillian is a lovely choice for parents that want a modest , well-liked full name for their Lily.

Lilith- Lilith is a charming choice for parents that aren't spooked by her meaning of "night monster".

Lilla- A bit of a mouthful, but Lilla seems like the right choice for parents struggling between Lila and Lily.


  1. I love Lily names! I haven't hear of Lileas before and it's cute. I like the spelling Lillias better. Great post

  2. Thanks Ren! I also prefer Lillias, I found it in The Baby Name Bible, and it is really sweet.