Thursday, September 12, 2013

-Ay Names

Many letters of the alphabet (ten to be exact) form names when you put the suffix -ay at the end of them. Most of these names sound dated, and not all are useable, but some of them sound fresh, exciting, and ready for a comeback.

Bay- The most modern of the list. Bay is the right amounts hippie and grounded.
Day- Too wordy for the first spot; she's better suited for the middle.
Fay (Faye, Fae)- A baby Fay would be cute and refreshing.
Gay- Not appropriate for the 21st century, even if it was your grandma's name.
Jay- Jay would sound vintage, fresh, and tough on a baby boy.
Kay (Kaye)- A lovely, underused choice that can honor any K name.
May (Mae)- She's the most popular of the list, but still very sweet.
Nay- She's Persian and means flute. Sounds a bit too negative for English speakers.
Ray (Rae)- This unisex choice would be extra adorable on either gender.
Tay- Better left as a nickname for Taylor

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