Friday, February 14, 2014

Gods and Goddesses of Love Names

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Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, I love it so much. In honor, we are going to look at the names of Gods and Goddesses of Love from around the world. Enjoy!

Eros- The Greek God of love, aka Cupid.
Kama- Indian God, definitely useable.
Yarilo- The Slavic God. I'm not sure how useable he'd be in the U.S.

Ani- An African Goddess.
Aphrodite- The obvious, very Greek, choice.
Ashtarte- A Semitic Goddess, and a very beautiful name.
Erzulie- The Voodoo Love Goddess. I believe Erzulie is a name of a character in a children's book, am I right?
Freya- This beautiful Norse name would be stunning on a Valentine's Day baby.
Hathor- This Egyptian Goddess has a beautiful, modern sounding name.
Inanna- She is the Mesopotamian Goddess of Love. Perfect if you want to honor an Anna and the holiday.
Ishtar-Ishtar is a Babylonian Goddess. She is a pretty, unique name.
Isis- The other Egyptian Goddess of Love has an equally as wearable appellation.
Nugua- This Chinese Goddess has a beautiful name, but in some parts of America she'd be unusable.
Oshun- She's the Afrocarribbean Goddess of Love, but looks like a misspelling of Ocean. That's too bad, because it's a lovely name, but I would go with Ocean instead.
Radha- Finally, Radha is the Goddess of Love in India. A great name for parents with Indian heritage, and a daughter born around February 14.

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