Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 29

How important to you is sibset cohesion? Many celebrity sibsets in this month’s group are remarkably harmonized—Nikki Sixx’s children all have edgy names perfect for the sons and daughters of a punk rocker. Courtney and Mario Lopez gave each of their kids very Italian names, and Jessa and Ben Seewald have sons with names inspired by notable members of their faith.
Other stars have coordinating sibsets—the names go together, but they may be a bit different in style or usage. Chelsea Clinton’s Charlotte and Aidan are an example of this, as are Sara Haines’s Alec and Sandra. Each are adding a third child to their family this year, and it will be exciting to see how their names add to the sibsets. I’ve made my predictions for their choices below—let me know how yours compare!
Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Charlotte, Aidan
Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky chose popular names for their two children, but with slightly different styles. Charlotte is a modern classic—not so long ago considered an old-lady name, but recently given the royal seal of approval. Aidan, although with Irish roots, feels very American, thanks to the -ayden names defining the decade in US baby name trends. It’s not uncommon for parents to have different taste in names for each gender, but I’m curious if this sibset will bend more towards recent favorites or familiar revivals.
 Eleanor, Elizabeth, Eva, Grace, Josephine, Lillian, Lucy, Nora, Olivia, Sadie
Boy: Benjamin, Eli, Henry, James, Liam, Nathan, Nicholas, Owen, Samuel, Theo

Courtney and Mario Lopez
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Gia Francesca, Dominic Luciano
Courtney and Mario Lopez have a love for accessible Italian choices—ones that have distinct Italian flair, but don’t feel out of place on their American children. Considering they picked names in this category for each of their children’s first and middle names, the odds are high that baby number three will follow this pattern as well.
 Aria, Bianca, Camilla, Eliana, Emilia, Livia, Lucia, Luna, Milana, Serena
Boy: Angelo, Lorenzo, Luca, Marco, Matteo, Maximo, Romeo, Santino, Xavier

Courtney and Nikki Sixx
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Gunner Nicholas, Storm Brieann, Decker Nilsson, Frankie-Jean Mary (previous relationships)
A large age gap often leads to disparate name styles within a sibset, but I don’t think that will be the case with Nikki Sixx’s children. His children all have what we like to call Badass Baby Names. With such a clear affinity for names with a radical image, I expect baby number five will have one as well.
Girl: Avalon, Domino, Echo, Indigo, Lavender, Lux, Maven, Phoenix, Revel, Seven
Boy: Axel, Blade, Breaker, Crash, Diesel, Draven, Kicker, Onyx, Zenith, Zephyr

 Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Spurgeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce
The Duggar family at large is known for having themed sibsets and choosing names with religious significance. Jessa and Ben in particular have picked names for their sons drawn from historical figures in Christianity. We have every reason to expect they will continue this theme for their third child—the question is, who will they be inspired by?
 Annie, Darby, Elizabeth, Evangeline, Lottie, Phoebe, Pink, Sunday, Taylor
Boy: Barton, Beecher, Harris, Judson, Palmer, Pruitt, Simeon, Theodore, Wesley
*Update* Welcome, Ivy Jane!

Danielle Fishel and Jensen Karp
Gender: boy
Siblings: none
Danielle Fishel and Jensen Karp are expecting their first child this summer—a boy! The pair has pets named Brunch and Bill, but I don’t think they’ll go quite as quirky when choosing a name for their son. I could see Danielle and Jensen using a familiar and stylish name that hits all the right notes for a 2019 baby, much like the following:
Boy: Beckett, Grayson, Hudson, Ian, Julian, Logan, Maddox, Otto, Wilder

Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill
Gender: boy
Siblings: Kennedy (previous relationship)
When a mother’s last name works as a first name, I love to see it used as such. Simon, which has a long history as a first name, would be a great contender for the name of Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill’s son. If they decide not to use that opportunity, I think Jazmyn and Dulé might go with a trendier name for their little boy.
Boy: Easton, Flynn, Jameson, Jax, Landon, Milo, Nolan, Rylan, Simon, Wyatt
*Update* He's here—Levi Dulé!

Abby Huntsman and Jeffrey Livingston
Gender: boy/girl twins
Siblings: Isabel Grace
Newscaster Abby Huntsman and her husband Jeffrey gave their daughter the sweet and classic name Isabel Grace. Now they’re expecting twins—a boy and a girl—and I would bet that their new little ones will have similarly well-liked, charming names. For their daughter, something feminine but substantial seems to be in order. For their son, I could see them either going full-classic (like Arthur or William), or modern (like Sawyer and Greyson).
 Amara, Cecilia, Eden, Elena, Jane, Julia, Lila, Madeline, Natalie, Rosalie
Boy: Arthur, Charlie, Elliot, Greyson, Jasper, Jude, Sawyer, Thomas, William
*Update* One out of two! Hello, Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey!

Sara Haines and Max Shifrin
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Alec Richard and Sandra Grace
If you said that Alec and Sandra sound like a sibset out of the 20th century, I wouldn’t blame you. Both names are well past their peak, with Alec topping out in 1994, and Sandra reaching its height in 1947. Sara and Max’s daughter was named after Sara’s mother Sandy, but it still was a surprising pick, considering Sandra is considered quite dated. I’m hoping Sara and Max revive another forgotten classic with their third child’s name.
Girl: Amalia, Diana, Erica, Frances, Judith, Julianna, June, Laura, Tessa, Virginia
Boy: Amos, Anton, Edward, Gregory, Marcus, Nathaniel, Philip, Tobias, Walter

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