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Celebrity Baby Name Suggestions: Volume 3

Danny Dek via Dribbble
This month has had some high profile pregnancy announcements. The Baldwins, Olivers, and Levines? How did we get so lucky? There's no doubt that these babies will have impeccable names, but what they are exactly, we can't yet say. We might have to wait a few more months to hear these babies' names, but in the meantime, we can always speculate. These are my picks for the big celebrity baby names--from the classic and respected to the unconventional and bizarre (I'm looking at you, Jamie Oliver).

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Predicting names is always hard when there are no siblings to refer to. That's why these names are all over the place stylistically. I could see Behati and Adam going in a couple different directions. Maybe honor names (Behati's mother's name is Magda, Adam's middle name is Noah), or possibly a musical reference to dad's career. Whatever the case, baby Levine will have a striking and stylish name.
Girl: Celie, Elodie, Harbor, Kiva, Lennox, Lotus, Maggie, Marlowe, Vivienne, Zola
Boy: Boaz, Bowie, Dashiell, Freddie, Huxley, Loyal, Morrison, Neo, Noah, Wilder
*Update* Baby girl is Dusty Rose!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Gender: boy
Siblings: Ireland (previous marriage), Carmen Gabriela and Raphael Thomas
After two babies together, we know the Baldwin's naming style--Spanish romance. All of their kids have such great names (dare I say perfect?), so I can't wait to hear what they name this little boy.
Boy: Antonio, Emanuel, Dominic, Joaquin, Leonardo, Lorenzo, Simeon, Vincenzo
*Update* A correct prediction--Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin

Jools and Jamie Oliver
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Buddy Bear Maurice
Another baby Oliver? Praise the naming gods! At this point we know it's going to be something floral for a girl, something informal for a boy. Either gender, we know baby Oliver is going to have three names, with one (or all!) of them quirky.
Girl: Bluebell, Butterfly, Clementine, Clover, Flora, Iris, Lilac, Peony, Posey, Primrose, Tulip
Boy: Charlie, Billy, Bobby, Freddy, Huey, Perry, Ricky, Rudy, Sammy, Sonny, Teddy, Woody
*Update* It's a boy! Welcome River Rocket Blue.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Penelope Joan
Veep's Anna Chlumsky and her husband chose such a sweet name for their first-born. Penelope Joan has a vintage-yet-modern feel, something I think they'll try to emulate with baby number two.
Girl: Alice, Camilla, Daphne, Delia, Greta, Isobel, Josephine, Lorelei, Matilda, Millicent, Zelda
Boy: Andrew, Arthur, Edward, Henry, Paul, Quentin, Ray, Simon, Theodore, Thomas, Walter
*Update* Clara Elizabeth--perfect!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Noah Shannon (b) and Bodhi Ransom
Megan Fox's two sons have names that are almost opposites on the style scale, however, they have one thing in common--the long o sound. Will they continue the pattern with baby number three?
Girl: Bree, Harley, Kyla, Leila, Liv, Lola, Naomi, Rain, Rose, Sage, Shea, Zoe
Boy: Ace, Axel, Blaise, Jonah, Levi, Major, Max, Owen, Rafe, Rowan, Zeb, Zeke
*Update* Megan and Brian have welcomed a son, Journey River.

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
The ever-cheerful Ellie Kemper is pregnant with her first child! The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress is known for her sunny disposition, so no doubt Baby Koman will have a happy and upbeat name.
Girl: Anya, Birdie, Celia, Daisy, Gracie, Hallie, Hattie, Ivy, Josie, Juniper, Libby, Olive, Penny
Boy: Elliot, Felix, Finley, Frankie, Henry, Jasper, Julian, Liam, Oliver, Rory, Theo, Wyatt
*Update* Welcome, James Miller!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Gender: unknown
Siblings: James (g)
What do you name a sibling for a daughter named James? This is a relatively new phenomenon, and a question I expect we'll be hearing much more in the coming years. For now, here are my ideas.
Girl: Abbott, Elliot, Emmett, Greer, Hollis, Lincoln, Mavis, Maxwell, Percy, Quincy, Sutton
Boy: Calvin, Charles, Harrison, Jonathan, Noble, Quinlan, Roscoe, Theodore, Thomas, Weston
*Update* A little girl--Ines!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Esmeralda Amada
Like the Baldwins, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling love extravagent Spanish names, undeniably due to Eva's Cuban heritage. It seems pretty likely that they'll stick with this theme for their next son or daughter, which in that case means Baby Gosling will have a lovely (and probably long) name.
Girl: Celestina, Estela, Floriana, Graciela, Luisa, Mariela, Mireya, Paloma, Raphaela, Rosalina
Boy: Augusto, Cortez. Emilio, Francesco, Luciano, Marcelo, Pasqual, Silviano, Valentino
*Update* It's a girl, and her name is Amada Lee! They must love the name Amada to use it twice.

I'm taking next week off for midterms, but I will see you all back here right after the arrival of the 2015's top 1000!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kiet Tran via Dribbble
On to the boys! I've got ten stylish Thai names for you all today that I think would work on babies born almost anywhere in the world. If you haven't already, check out the girls list, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Aroon- This easy-to-like, simple boy's name from Thailand would be dashing on an American baby. His similarity to Aaron gives him a sense of familiarity, but doesn't take away from his Thai heritage.

Danai- Although Danai is a feminine name in some cultures, I don't think you'll run into many problems if you use it on a son. In fact, in Thailand Danai is only used for boys--afterall, he does mean "son."

Kamon- Craving a name with a good meaning? Well you're in luck because Kamon means "heart and mind" in Thai. He's technically a unisex name, but in English speaking countries, the intuitive choice is for boys.

Kiet- Double trouble! Kiet is a Thai and Vietnamese name--making him a stand-out choice for families of mixed descent. However, the two Kiets have separate origins and meanings. The Thai version means "honor," while the Vietnamese means "hero." Put that together and you have an "honorable hero."

Olan- Another name with multiple histories, Olan is both Thai and Irish. The Irish version is a variation of Olaf, while the Thai is completely independent. It doesn't matter what origin story you choose--Olan is an attractive name with great potential.

Pokpui- If you're looking for a name that's instantly recognizable as Thai (none of this dual origin nonsense) then Pokpui is your guy. He's got an unmistakable Thai feel thanks to his Pok- prefix, so no one should confuse him for otherwise. Plus, he's got such a cheerful demeanor. Try to say Pokpui without a smile on your face.

Puran- Lovely Thai name Puran means simply "the sea." He's a straightfoward name that's easy on all levels, including spelling and pronunciation. Puran is definitely a winner.

Rudet- Rudet is an uncommon name with a mostly unknown backstory, but he did originate in Thailand. I think he'd work very well on an American boy--wouldn't Rudy be a great nickname? (I'd love to see him make a comeback).

Somchai- Somchai is a Thai name meaning "worthy man." He's a handsome name, but it's doubtful that he'll ever become trendy in the US. If nothing else, Somchai would be a fantastic nickname.

Warun- Warun is a wonderful name that means "rain." Some people might confuse him for the more familiar Warren (one of my personal favorites), but luckily Warun has emphasis on the second syllable, rather than the first. Warun would be an easy import into the US--I'd love to see more people using this name.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Famous Surnames

Garrett via Dribbble
Would you ever consider a celebrity surname for your child? It can be a fun way to pay homage to your favorite stars--past and present! Which names would you add?

Alba--Jessica Alba
Aniston--Jennifer Aniston
Baldwin--Alec Baldwin
Bardot--Bridget Bardot
Beckham--David Beckham
Bergen--Candice Bergen
Bowie--David Bowie
Brando--Marlon Brando
Brody--Adrian Brody
Brooks--Garth Brooks
Campbell--Naomi Campbell
Carey--Mariah Carey
Cash--Johnny Cash
Chase--Chevy Chase
Crosby--Bing Crosby
Cruz--Penelope Cruz
Damon--Matt Damon
Fallon--Jimmy Fallon
Farley--Chris Farley
Fox--Megan Fox, Michael J. Fox
Gable--Clark Gable
Garland--Judy Garland
Garner--Jennifer Garner
Griffith--Andy Griffith, Melanie Griffith
Harlow--Jean Harlow
Holliday--Billy Holliday
Hudson--Kate Hudson
Huston--Anjelica Huston
Keaton--Diane Keaton
Jagger--Mick Jagger
Jenner--Caitlyn Jenner
Jolie--Angelina Jolie
Jordan--Michael Jordan
Legend--John Legend
Lennox--Annie Lennox
Lively--Blake Lively
Maguire--Tobey Maguire
Mirren--Helen Mirren
Monroe--Marilyn Monroe
Moss--Kate Moss, Elisabeth Moss
Mulligan--Carey Mulligan
Murray--Bill Murray
Perry--Katy Perry
Presley--Elvis Presley
Renner--Jeremy Renner
Quaid--Dennis Quaid
Rourke--Mickey Rourke
Ryder--Winona Ryder
Urban--Keith Urban
Vaughn--Vince Vaughn
Wilde--Olivia Wilde
Winslet--Kate Winslet

Friday, April 22, 2016

Contraction Nicknames

What is a contraction nickname you ask? Just like contractions in English, a contraction nickname takes the first part of a name and the last part of the name to form a shorter nickname, sans middle. There are so many great options if you like contraction nicknames--take a look and let me know your favorites!

Ada: Adalia, Adamina, Adara, Adelina, Adina, Adriana
Adele: Adelaide, Adeline
Alexa: Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Alexandrita, Alexia
Ana: Anahita, Anala, Anastasia, Andrea, Andromeda, Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Anita, Annabella, Annika, Annissa, Annora, Antonella
Aria: Arcadia, Arcelia, Arianna, Ariella, Arizona, Artemisia
Aura: Aurelia, Aurelina, Aurora
Bay: Bailey
Bea: Beata, Becca, Beeja, Begonia, Belinda, Bellona, Bertha
Bex: Beatrix
Bria: Brianna, Brietta, Brigitta, Britta
Cara: Carlotta, Carolina, Carissa, Carmela, Cassandra
Clara: Claribella, Clarinda, Clarissa
Clea: Clementina, Cleopatra
Corie: Coralie
Dana: Danica, Daniela, Danita
Elsa: Elisa, Eloisa
Emme: Emmanuelle, Emmeline
Eva: Evangelina, Evanthia, Evelina
Fae: Fable, Faustine
Fia: Felicia, Fidelia, Fiona, Fiorella
Gala: Gabriella, Galatea, Galena
Gia: Gardenia. Georgia, Giada, Gianna, Gilda, Giordana, Giovanna, Gisella
Ina: India, Indiana, Indra
Isa: Isabella, Isabetta, Isadora, Isauara, Isla
Jette: Jeanette, Juliette
Jessa: Janessa, Jessamina, Jessica
June: Julianne, Juline, Junelle, Junette, Junine
Lena: Leanna, Leona, Levina
Lia: Lavinia, Lelia, Leocadia, Lilia, Lilianna, Linnea, Liviana
Lola: Lolita, Louella
Lora: Lorena, Lorenza, Lorinda
Lula: Ludmila, Luella
Luna: Luciana
Mia: Maria, Melania, Milada, Milagra, Milena, Miranda, Mireya, Mischa
Mila: Michaela, Milada, Milagra, Milania
Mina: Marina, Martina, Milena, Minerva
Mira: Milagra, Mirabella
Nia: Nabila, Nadia, Nahlia, Natalia, Nelia, Nicasia, Nicola, Nicolina, Nigella, Nina, Nisha
Noa: Nola, Nona, Nora, Nordica, Norma, Novella
Ola: Olida, Olina, Olivia, Olympia
Pia: Pamelia, Pascasia, Patricia, Petunia, Pippa, Piritta, Portia
Pippa: Philippa
Ren: Reagan. Reign
Roma: Romana, Romola
Rory: Rosemary
Rosa: Rosalia, Rosalinda, Rosanna, Rosetta. Rosita
Sara: Sahara, Samara, Samira, Sandra, Sapphira, Sarika
Sia: Sienna, Sierra, Silvana, Simona, Sistina, Sophia, Sophronia, Stephania, Sylvia
Tara: Takara, Tamara
Thea: Theodora, Theodosia, Theresa
Thora: Theodora
Zara: Zahara

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Deep Shah via Dribbble
While researching for this post, I was surprised at how many Thai names would assimilate well into American culture. It's astonishing we don't hear them more! There are loads of beautiful, melodic choices--it was hard for me to cut my list to just ten. That being said, I think I have ten really wonderful names for you all today. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Isaree- Isa- names are very fashionable by today's standards, so why not add another one to the list? Isaree a gorgeous Thai name that would assimilate easily into the American name pool. She means "freedom."

Kannika- For those of you looking for interesting K names, Kannika is a fantastic option. She's a name used throughout Southeast Asia--in fact, it's the name of a 1947 Indian film. If you're fond of nicknames, Nika is the obvious choice, but Kiki would be fun as well.

Kasira- Isn't Kasira lovely? I've never been a fan of K names, but Thailand has so many good ones! She's a bit of a mysterious name--there's not much information out about her--but if you want a truly unusual yet beautiful name for a daughter, Kasira would be great.

Lawan- Lawan is simple yet stunning. She means "beautiful," so if you like your names with meanings to match, take a look at Lawan.

Malai- Speaking of meanings, meet Malai! Longtime readers know that I don't put much stock into name meanings, but I appreciate a quirky one. Malai means "garland of flowers," which is so sweet! Lately Americans have been loving lyrical M names (think Maya, Mila, etc.), so Malai will fit right in.

Mayura- Darling Mayura is another Thai name that I could see catching on in the US. She has the easy-access nickname May, which makes her all the better. Mayura means "peacock" (wouldn't that make a fun nursery theme?)

Nim- Nim is most commonly associated with the book and movie Nim's Island, but Nim is actually a female Thai name (as well as a male name in other cultures). Maybe it's because of the movie, or possibly my love for Pimm, but Nim really seems like a girl name to me. She'd be wonderful in a children's literature themed sibset.

Preeda- Cheerful and sophisticated Preeda would feel so stylish on an American baby. Add that to her ease of pronunciation and spelling, and we have ourselves a fabulous Thai-American crossover. Preeda is one of my favorites of today's list. Does anyone else love -da names as much as I do?

Sirinya- It's hard to think of a name more stunning than Sirinya. She just oozes beauty and elegance. Some notable namesakes: Selina and Sirinya are a Bangkok-based folk band, and Sirinya "Cindy" Burbridge is a Thai-American model and actress.

Suree- Suree may be slim, but she has substance. Thanks to sound-alike sister Suri, she's perfectly wearable on an American baby girl. Plus, Suree means "sun," which is always a nice meaning.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nicknames for Sophia

Jorge Mar via Dribbble
Sophia may have slipped to #3 last year, but her reign as queen of the baby names is far from over. She's not going out of style any time soon, and some say she may be the name that defines this generation, much like Jennifer in the '70s. But don't worry! If you love Sophia, there are ways to make your little girl stand out. Consider one of the following nicknames--some are popular, some are rarities, but all are wonderful nickname options for Sophia.

Fifi- Cutesy and oh-so French. Fifi is a very fun choice in this age of Coco and Cece.

Phia- Phia is Fifi's more refined sister. She's definitely not common as a nickname for Sophia, yet no one will bat an eyelash.

Posy- Darling Posy isn't exactly an intuitive nickname for Sophia, but I say she definitely works! She's whimsical and sweet--a good match for the traditional, classic Sophia.

Soph- Nice and simple. Most Sophias are called Soph at least some of the time (I certainly am), but few use Soph as their everyday choice of name. But why not? If Fifi can work, Soph should as well.

Sophie- Naturally, many a Sophia are called Sophie. Many parents even choose to forgo the longer version--Sophie is extremely popular in her own right. You really can't go wrong with Sophie, she's a lovely name that suits many girls.

Sosie- If I had to re-nickname myself from this list I'd choose Sosie hands-down. She may have originated as a nickname for Susan, but seems like a easy fit for Sophia. She's similar to Sophia's most popular nickname, Sophie, but has her own sassy spunk.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 10, 2014, and updated on April 18. 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part 8

Marcus Silva via Dribbble
Wow, we're already on the eighth installment of Same Meaning Sibsets! Are there any meanings you'd like to see potential sibsets for? Let me know in the comments.

Aza + Noah
Barney, Mindel (g), + Naum (b)
Jabari + Nehama
Menachem + Nehemiah

Atara, Corona, + Pollux
Kayla + Stephanie
Kaylee + Tiara
Lars, Panya, + Taja
Negasi (b)+ Taj

Ailsa + Sia
Bernice, Nicolette, + Veronica
Caelan + Kinsey
Claes + Siri
Jaya + Zafar
Nicolai + Signe
Sennett + Victoria

Camille + Jeune
Chloe + Owen
Jaka (b) + Taya
Marcellus + Neola
Rivka + Zalmai (b)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 Armenian Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kyle Steed via Dribbble
Back for round two of Armenian names! It's the boys' turn this week, and I've got a great list of names today (many that you've probably never even heard of). So let's get right to it! Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite Armenian name for a boy?

Armen- Armen is a handsome name that has roots in both Armenia and Russia. In Russia he is a variant of the names Armand and Herman, but in Armenia, he comes from the name of the country.

Haro- Haro is a multicultural surname name that's more popular in Armenia as a first. Not much information is known about the Armenian form, but he may come from Harout, which in turn is derived from Harutyun.

Levon- Impeccably stylish Levon should be all the rage right now, but instead he's an under-the-radar choice. Blogger Petite Biet has a son named Levon. If you name your son Levon, he will share his name with Armenian royalty and an Elton John song.

Narek- Narek comes from the name of an Armenian town which nowadays falls in modern Turkey. The name is sometimes translated as Nareg in Western Armenia, but I think most American parents will prefer the former.

Ohan- Ohan is the Armenian form of John. He'd be the perfect choice for an Armenian-American boy--Ohan has a modern sound and is fresh to American ears, yet has old-world Armenian roots. How perfect!

Sahak- Do you love Isaac? It's hard not to. He's an undisputably great name, but that leads to high rankings (Isaac is at #31). However, Sahak--Isaac's Armenian variation--is practically unheard of in the US. He shares all the same sounds with his Hebrew cousin, but not the popularity. That makes Sahak an A+ choice.

Sourin- Although the two are unrelated, Armenian Sourin is very similar to Scandinavian Soren. The latter is quite trendy right now, making Sourin a good alternative. Unlike Soren, Sourin's pronunciation puts the stress on the second syllable. 

Sufjan- You may have heard of Sufjan Stevens, the American folk hipster rocker, but I bet you didn't know his name was Armenian. Sufjan is actually a variant of Sufyan, which is also used in Arabic culture. Either spelling is usable for a baby boy.

Toros- Toros is the Armenian form of Theodore, although he may remind people of the Spanish word for bull, "toro." He may be confused for Taurus (not coincidentally the constellation of the bull). If you prefer classic names with unusual nicknames, you can call your little Theodore--or Thelonius--Toros.

Zako- Zack may be out of fashion, but Zako feels energetic and fresh. He's an Armenian name, as well as a Hungarian version of Zachariah. He works as both a full name and a nickname, so take your pick!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nicknames for Dorothy

Joseph Arceneaux via Dribbble
Happy Monday everyone! As many of you know, we're coming up at our 5th anniversary of the blog, and needless to say, some posts need updating. So, I will be periodically re-vamping some old posts. First up is Nicknames for Dorothy! This is one of my most popular posts, and it's only getting more views as the name Dorothy rises in the charts. Let me know--what nickname would you use for Dorothy?

Dodie- Charmingly vintage Dodie is an English nickname for Dorothy. She's the type of nickname you can picture on a young girl or an old lady, but not much in between.

Doe- A nickname like Doe will inspire many musical outbursts, and perhaps some "Jane Doe" comments.

Dolly- Another nickname for Dorothy with musical theater connections (yep, Hello Dolly!) The English word doll actually comes from this popular 17th century onward name, not the other way around. She's been long out of favor since--is there any chance for Dolly to come back?

Dora- Oh, Dora. She'd be so trendy right now if it wasn't for that cartoon series. If you like her sound but not her associations, I suggest you take a look at our next name...

Dorie- Dora's sweet cousin. I suggest spelling her Dorie to ward off any fishiness (though you won't be able to evade all of it). Another possible spelling is Dori, but that seems straight out of the '60s.

Dortha- Clunky-cool Dortha was most popular in 1925, and fell off the charts in the 1940s. If you follow the 100 year rule, that means if you use her today you'll be 10 years ahead of the curve.

Dot- Long time readers know I have an affinity for Dot (though I did just take her off my If I Could Name 100 Girls post--sorry Dot!). She's got that retro sass and a bit of a British feel. I think she'd be perfect for a 2016 baby.

Dottie- Of course, you could also call your daughter Dorothy by Dot's similar elaboration--Dottie. Toddler girls would love to be named Dottie--it's the first name of favorite TV character Doc McStuffins.

Tea- Tea is a very Scandinavian nickname for Dorothy. She's traditionally pronounced with two syllables (TAY-uh)--an accent over the E can help clarify. You could pronounce Tea like the beverage if you want, it's certainly not unheard of.

Thea- Thea is another Scandi favorite. She has many pronunciations--THEE-uh, TEE-uh, TAY-uh, and THAY-uh. Take your pick! Thea is used as a nickname for Dorothy, but originated as a nickname for the similar Dorothea.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on June 18, 2013, and updated on April 11, 2016.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Name the Blogger Baby: Volume One

via Stephanie Fishwick
Ever since my Celebrity Name Predictions became a hit, I've been thinking of ways to expand the series. Then it hit me: blogger names. Like celebrities, blogger name choices are hotly discussed, and can influence name trends. Just think--Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child single-handedly introduced the world to using Fable and Reverie as names. The best part? Bloggers always seems to be pregnant. So let's get this thing going! What names would you add to the blogger sibsets? And let me know which bloggers you'd like to see in future installments.

Kate Arends
Blog: Wit & Delight
Due Date: July 2016
Gender: Unknown
Siblings: None
Lovely lifestyle blogger Kate Arends announced her pregnancy last week. She has self proclaimed "simple and modern" style, which I used for inspiration when coming up with these names--no frills, pre-nicknamed choices. Kate and her husband Joe have a dog called Winnie Bear, so I'm expecting something a little unexpected in the middle.
Girl: Annika, Anya, Darcy, Evie, Greta, Gwen, Ida, Lainey, Marlowe, Maude, Tessa
Boy: Arlo, Charlie, Cyrus, Finn, Gable, Jack, Ian, Max, Milo, Nate, Otis, Quinn, Rex
*Update* It's a boy! August Joseph Peters.

Jordan Ferney
Blog: Oh Happy Day
Due Date: June 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Roman and Moses
Finally! I can't wait to see what Jordan Ferney names a daughter. She chose two hip but meaningful names for her sons, so the possibilities are endless for this little girl. The Ferneys are world-travelers, (and especially fond of France) so using that as my guide, I came up with these suggestions.
Girl: Anais, Emanuelle, France, Holiday, India, Lark, Marigold, Minnie, Primrose, Tallulah, Zella
*Update* I guess they love that long O sound, because baby girl is Simone!

Chelsea Foy
Blog: Lovely Indeed
Due Date: September 2016
Gender: Unknown
Siblings: Henry
Chelsea Foy has the sweetest son named Henry (but who she calls Tiny Foy), so I think an equally charming, slightly vintage name is in order for baby #2.
Girl: Alice, Clara, Ella, Eloise, Ivy, Josie, Nora, Phoebe, Piper, Ruby, Sadie, Stella
Boy: Asher, August, Charlie, Eli, Elliot, Felix, Levi, Maxwell, Nolan, Oliver, Owen

Liz Stanley
Blog: Say Yes
Due Date: April 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Henry and Elizabeth Jean "Edie"
Funnily enough, Liz Stanley is Jordan Ferney's sister-in-law, and they're both having daughters within months of each other. This first cousin is coming any day now, and I can't wait to see what she's named. Liz's first daughter shares her full name, Elizabeth Jean, but is called Edie. I went with vintage names on the rise for my suggestions--nothing too old-school, because her other sister-in-law Gabby Blair (of Design Mom fame) has that on lock--six kids named Ralph, Maude, Olive, Betty, Oscar, and June!
Girl: Cecilia, Charlotte, Hazel, Ivy, Jane, Lucy, Lydia, Nellie, Rosie, Sophie, Sylvie
*Update* Welcome Dorothea May Stanley! They plan on calling her Dot and Dottie.

Bonnie Tsang
Blog: B for Bonnie
Due Date: August 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Venise
Bonnie Tsang's tween daughter is named Venise--an uncommon name that I can't seem to categorize. However, after twelve years naming styles can change! So I'm very curious to here the name of Bonnie's next daughter.
Girl: Allegra, Calais, Cecile, Ciel, Louise, Opal, Roux, Sabine, Solange, Vesper, Zadie
*Update* Welcome Miss Henri Elizabeth Martin!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10 Armenian Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Tasha Mozgodum via Dribbble
I hate to break it to you, but Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe aren't Armenian names. However, that's about the breadth of most Americans' knowledge on the subject. Let's change that, shall we? I've got 10 great Armenian names for girls today--all of them would be equally stunning on an Armenian-American (or any!) baby.

Aghavni- Callum, Paloma, Jemima--add Aghavni to the list of names meaning "dove." This gorgeous Armenian name fits her peaceful harbinger definition. Aghavni definitely embodies a tranquil spirit.

Anahid- Anahid comes from the Persian mythological name Anahita--the goddess of fertility, healing, wisdom, and water. Anahid is typically used in Western Armenia, while Anahit is more common in Eastern Armenia. Both are quite common in their preferred regions.

Anoush- Anoush is a very charming name (and in fact means "sweet"). With the similar-sounding Anouk gaining favor among taste-makers and trendsetters, Anoush (or her alternate spelling Anush) seems like a top-notch alternative. For all you music-enthusiasts, Anoush is the name of a 1912 opera by Armen Tigranian.

Arda- Arda is a Hebrew-Armenian unisex name, although, if you're going to use it on an American baby, it might be best on a daughter. It's also used in Turkey, but as a strictly male name. One famous historical Arda is Arda of Armenia, Queen of Jerusalem.

Lusine- Lusine is a stunning name that would be just perfect on a 2016 baby. She's a very creative way to get to the every-girl nickname Lucy--much more unexpected compared to Lucille and Lucia. Lusine means "moon," and can also be spelled Lucine.

Maral- The lovely Armenian name Maral means deer, as in the Caspian Red Deer that is native to Armenia. That makes Capsian or Casper a fun brother name, or, if you're into anagrams, how about Lamar?

Shoushan- As you may be able to tell, Shoushan shares roots with such names as Shoshana and Susan. Like her sisters, she means "lily," making Shoushan the perfect name for a springtime daughter.

Siran- Siran is a diminutive of Siranush--both great names, but the slimmer Siran strikes me as more American-friendly. This Armenian-beauty's meaning is one of my favorite words--"lovely!" Obviously, that makes me a big fan of Siran.

Taline- Taline comes from Talin--the name of an Armenian town which houses a famous monastery of the same name. Her meaning is technically unknown, although many consider it simply to be "Talin, the Armenian town."

Zabel- In these days of Isabella and Isabel, why not pick something a little different? Zabel is a fantastic option. She's the Armenian form of Isabel, but stands well on her own (however, if you prefer her as a nickname, how about Elizabeth or Jezebel as the full form?). Her zippy Z beginning is lively and fun, and for a fashionable variation, she can be spelled Zabelle.

Monday, April 4, 2016

British Nicknames Ready for Import

Cheryl M Photography via 100 Layer Cakelet
It's no secret that I fall into the "name them what you call them" camp. If you're never going to use your child's full name, then just skip it! The Brits are true followers of this philosophy--much of their top 500 consists of nickname names. I compiled the ones I think Americans should also embrace as full names right here. After all, if you only plan on calling her Pixie, you're better off discarding Patricia.