Friday, January 29, 2016

Nickname Proof Names: Girls

Brandon Beeks via Dribbble
On Monday we talked about nickname proof names for boys, so now it's the girls turn. Again, I've got over 100 names for you to look at--there's something for everyone in the world of nickname-less names. Check it out after the jump.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 Portuguese Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Tiffany Patterson via Dribbble
I'm so excited to be featuring Portuguese names for girls today. There are some really stunning choices in here. Come back next week for the boys list.

Baia- Gorgeous Baia rhymes with Maia and means "bay" in Portuguese. She could also work as a nickname for Beatrice, if you're not a fan of Bea.

Clementina- Clementine just cracked the top 1000 back in 2014. The similar, but slightly more exotic Clementina makes a less common substitute. She has roots in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Evora- Can't get enough of the Eve names? Add Evora to your list. She's actually a Portuguese place name--Evora is a the capital city of Portugal's Alentejo region.

Graca- Sure, Grace is a lovely name, but she's remained at the top of the charts for years, so you might be craving a fresh alternative for your babe. Graca, Grace's Portuguese variation could be the answer. She's just as simple and sweet, but the added syllable rejuvenates her.

Jacinda- You might remember talking about Jacinta a few weeks ago in my Spanish Names for Girls post. While Jacinta is the Spanish version of Hyacinth, Jacinda is the Portuguese. They're both equally charming.

Luzia- We hear Lucia and Luc- names all over the place these days, but I've scarcely run into a Luz or a Luzia. That leaves a whole branch of stylish names untapped. Luzia is one of the prettiest ones (in my opinion), and Luz is a darling nickname.

Neves- You might be tempted to pronounce Neves like "nevs"--I certainly was--but the traditional Portuguese pronunciation is NAY-vesh. As you would expect, she means "snows."

Palmira- Palmira is one of my favorite new finds. She'd be perfect on a 2015 baby--"palm" names are very familiar, and Mira is an on-trend nickname. For all you multi-cultural families, she has roots in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Rosalia- With the Rose names coming back into style, you'd think Rosalia would be a shoe-in for the top 1000. However, she was only given to 119 girls last year (more girls were named Austin and Italia). Like Palmira, she's has usage in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Victoriana- Victoria remains steadfast in her popularity, despite feeling a little faded. Victoriana amps her up a bit, and makes her ultra-femme with that -iana ending--getting her up to five syllables.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Nickname Proof Names: Boys

Krystin via Sappy Apple
While many of us look for names that are nickname gold-mines, just as many parents want a name with absolutely no nicknames at all. If you're one of the latter, I've compiled a list of over 100 names for boys--none with any established nicknames. It's all after the jump. Check back on Friday for the girls list!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Suggestions: Volume I

via The Modern Mark
Here's a fun and light-hearted post for your Friday. I give some high-profile celebrities suggestions for their future babys' name. Let me know if you like it (and if there are any celebs you want me to include in the next round).

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Anne Hathaway's sweet personality and understated-yet-glamorous style make me think she'll choose something equally charming for her future babe.
Boy: Arthur, Bastien, Benedict, Conrad, Garrison, Ira, Philip, Phineas, Samson, Teddy
Girl: Agnes, Camille, Celeste, Eliza, Harriet, Linnea, Millie, Ophelia, Rosemary, Tess
*Update* Welcome Jonathan Rosebanks! Definitely a classic and classy choice.

Kimberley and James Van Der Beek
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Olivia, Annabel, and Joshua
They picked three well-liked names for their current children, why not choose one more?
Boy: Elijah, Gabriel, Ian, Jackson, Maxwell, Nathaniel, Owen, Samuel, Thomas
Girl: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Ella, Grace, Julia, Leah, Nora, Piper, Sophia, Victoria
*Update* Baby girl is here--her name is Emilia

Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Dulcie
Dulcie is quirky, cute, and oh-so-British. Sticking with that theme, here are my picks.
Boy: Archie, Freddie, Harry, Harvey, Kit, Leon, Louis, Ollie, Remy, Rex, Toby
Girl: Cleo, Esme, Evie, Freya, Georgie, Hattie, Marnie, Phoebe, Scarlett, Sylvie
*Update* It's a girl--Elva!

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Rose Byrne is incredibly chic and stylish. She's going to be one of those celebrities whose baby's name becomes a national sensation. Her boyfriend is Italian and Cuban, so a cross-cultural choice seems to be in order.
Boy: Carlo, Caspian, Cecilio, Enzo, Ezio, Laszlo, Leo, Marcello, Octavio, Rafe, Silvio
Girl: Allegra, Antonella, Eloisa, Estella, Fia, Flora, Florence, Lucinda, Simona. Zelda
*Update* It's a boy! His name is Rocco, so I was right on with the cross-cultural name.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
No doubt such a trendy, high profile power-couple will pick a name to match.
Boy: Anchor, Arrow, Beck, Dex, Ever, Jethro, Neon, Onyx, Quest, Teague
Girl: Avalon, Aziza, Bellamy, Geneva, Lux, Roxie, Salome, Valencia, Zadie
*Update* Welcome Luna Simone Legend!

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock
Gender: boy
Siblings: River Rose
River Rose's little brother is going to have an equally on-trend but under-the-radar name (and possibly another double nature name).
Boy: Arrow, Birch, Dune, Echo, Edge, Everest, Indigo, Oak, Pine, Ridge, Summit, Timber
*Update* Not a nature name, but another R name--welcome Remington Alexander!

Luisana Lopilato and Michael Buble
Gender: boy
Siblings: Noah
When celebrities have the guts to choose a top ten name (nevermind the #1 name), they couldn't care less about popularity. Noah's little bro will most likely have an established, top 100 name.
Boy: Ben, Elijah, Gavin, Hudson, Isaac, Isaiah, Joshua, Levi, Nathan, William
*Update* Baby boy is Elias! I was close.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Willa Lou and River (b)
Keri Russell is ahead of the curve when it comes to giving her babies names. Her older two kids were named well before their names were on anyones' minds.
Boy: Benno, Bram, Dez, Fintan, Grove, Joss, Ned, Oswald, Roscoe, Thoren, Wells
Girl: Anouk, Clover, Darcy, Frankie, Isa, Lotus, Luella, Pia, Primrose, Poet, Soleil
*Update* Hello, Sam!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Oliver Finlay
Oliver Finlay has that "it" factor. It's a name that sounds so impeccably cool--you kind of want to use it on your own baby.
Boy: Dashiell, Ezra, Henry, Julian, Miles, Nolan, Sebastian, Wesley
Girl: Alice, Cora, Gemma, Hazel, Ivy, Lola, Sadie, Stella, Violet
*Update* It's a boy—Hugo Wilson!

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Arabella and Joseph
Arabella and Joseph. Ultra-feminine vs. ultra-classic. These are traditional parents in every sense of the word, so I bet they'll follow the same protocol with baby #3.
Boy: Andrew, Benjamin, Charles, Jonathan, Michael, Nicholas, Samuel, William
Girl: Alexandria, Anastasia, Francesca, Julianna, Luciana, Valentina, Viviana
*Update* It's a boy! Name is Theodore James

Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell
Gender: boy
Siblings: Eli
Short, sweet, and very casual. If we use that model, Eli will have a brother named:
Boy: Ben, Charlie, Cole, Evan, Finn, Gabe, Jack, Jake, Jace, Luke, Reid, Sam
*Update* Baby boy is Owen Bartlett

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 Spanish Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Joshua Krohn via Dribbble
Time for Spanish names for boys! These sophisticated seƱor‎s are lovely on a baby of any nationality. 

Augusto- August is all the rage these days, but what about his suave Spanish cousin, Augusto? Turns out, the latter doesn't even crack the top 1000, making him a prime choice for parents seeking a creative way to get to Gus.

Baez- Baez is a unisex Spanish surname with a lot of potential. It's most well known as the last name of singer Joan Baez, who would be a worthy namesake for your baby.

Cisco- Cisco is a hipper, more causal off-shoot of Francisco. The latter ranks at #232 in America, making him a familiar, yet not overused name. But if you're looking for something less formal, and a bit more unique, Cisco is the way to go.

Cordovan- It's not always easy to find long names for boys with easy nicknames, but Cordovan is just that. His cowboy-cool nickname Cord is a winner.

Cortez- You guys, I am SO excited about Cortez. I think this name is really going places. Cortez is basically the perfect name--not too long or short, easy to say and spell, familiar enough but not even in the top 1000, and he can shorten to Cort. 2016 is Cortez's year, I'm calling it.

Fredo- Alfredo may seem a bit fusty on a baby, but Fredo? Totally different vibe. He's actually the Spanish version of Jeffrey (though he's also short for Alfredo), If you think he's too nickname-y on his own, try Fredo as a nickname for Frederick.

Isra- Upset about Israel's recent Duggar-fication? Isra could be the answer to all your problems. While he does have an "A" ending, his ties to Israel and similarities to Ezra make him read masculine.

Oro- Looking for a gold-star baby name? Oro is your man--he literally means "gold." He's also got a very sophisticated and stylish sound--reminiscent of names like Ari, Orin, and Arlo.

Sidro- Long time readers might remember my post about Full Names for Sid. How I wish I knew about Sidro when I wrote that post! Sidro strikes me as one of the coolest ways to get to Sid--no nickname necessary.

Teo- Theo's all the rage these days--he and full name Theodore are still on the up-and-up. However, his Spanish counterpart, Teo is no where to be found. He's short and sweet, and works as a nickname for countless names, from Matthew and Matteo, to Theodore and Thelonius.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Allen Grubesic via Artsy
So I TOTALLY missed this back in June, but I (along with the wonderful and talented Meagan of Tulip by Any Name) was featured in a article about unisex names. You can read the article here, if you'd like. Happy Friday!

*I'm taking Monday off for the holiday (and to do some much-needed blog catch-up), so I'll see you all back hear on Wednesday for Spanish Names for Boys.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Spanish Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Lauren Beltramo via Dribbble
Today we're talking about Spanish names for girls. These lovely ladies have great potential, but remain undiscovered. Which ones would you use?

Araceli- Araceli is a breathtaking name--the perfect blend of accessible and unusual. She means "alter of the sky."

Cira- Cira is a lovely feminine form of Cyrus. I was delighted when I stumbled across her, and astonished that I'd never heard of her before. Cira would feel right at home on a 2016 baby.

Evia- The Ev- names are still all the rage, but Evia hasn't yet been discovered. She's ideal if you need something with just a bit more substance than Evie.

Jacinta- Jacinta (that's hah-SEEN-tah) is the Spanish word for Hyacinth, and much more namely. If you don't mind the occasional mispronunciation--let's be honest: constant--she's a stunning choice.

Jemsa- Like Jacinta, you will run into some pronunciation problems with Jemsa, but she has more room for flexibility. If you so desired, you could say Jemsa with an English "J" sound (and everyone would be none the wiser). She makes a nice alternative to Gemma.

Leocadia- A beautiful leonine name perfect for parents looking for a long, European name. Leocadia means "splendid brightness."

Lumina- Lumina takes two very popular sounds and blends them into one unique name. She's the Spanish variation of Lumiere, another gorgeous appellation.

Nelia- Nelia may seem strictly British, but she has roots in Spanish culture as well. She's a nickname for Manuela, though you wouldn't have to use her as such.

Soficita- While it's a little hard to imagine using Soficita as a formal name, she makes a fun and quirky nickname option for all the Sofias out there.

Soledad- Although many people are familiar with the name Soledad in the U.S., she's scarcely used. She means "solitude," and is a direct reference to the Virgin Mary.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Full Names for Hallie

Made by me, via PicMonkey
Hallie is such a sweet, all-American girl type of nickname--it's a shame she's not used more often! The problem might be in that she doesn't have many obvious full name choices. I have eight wonderful options listed today--let me know if there are any you would add.

Halcyon- Halcyon is a fabulous Greek name with origins in Greek mythology. The fantastical bird was known for it's calming effect. It may seem like a lot to wear, but with the nickname Hallie, I think it works.

Halda- Halda might seem a touch old-fashioned, but my theory is the -da name are going to come back in style--soon. Think Frieda, Tilda, Esmeralda. When that happens, Halda will be a great under-the-radar pick, with the bonus of an adorable nickname.

Haldis- However, I'm not as optimistic about the -is names coming back anytime soon. Gladys, Glennis, and others haven't quite ripened up again. Although, Haldis is made a bit sweeter by her nickname Hallie.

Halima- Halima is a gorgeous African name popular in Egypt and Somalia. She means "gentle," "mild," or "patient" depending on the translation. Halima obviously doesn't need a nickname, but should you choose to go that route, Hallie is a nice option.

Halona- Halona has Native American and Hawaiian roots, and has the wonderful meaning of "happy fortune." She would be very wearable on an American baby, even sans the Hallie nickname.

Halsey- Everyone is loving H surnames right now, but Halsey remains undiscovered. She's short enough to go without a nickname--and obviously Hallie isn't any shorter--but it could help with gender confusion.

Henna- Many of you will recognize Henna as a plant name, most commonly associated with the Indian art of temporary tattooing. Hallie might seem like an odd nickname choice, but if Henry can answer to Hal, Henna can definitely be called Hallie.

Henrietta- Henrietta is a spunky heroine name, a la Henrietta Lacks. Much like Henna, Hallie isn't the first nickname you would expect, but is nonetheless a viable option.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Crayola Color Names

via Kate Matsumoto on Dribbble
We've talked about color names many times before, but what about the ones straight from the crayon box? I went on Crayola's Color Explorer to see the names of all their wonderful colors and get some inspiration. The most name-worthy colors are listed here--and some will appear under multiple colors, this just means the name was used more than once, like Aqua Blue and Aqua Green.









Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 Hawaiian Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

via Nick Mealey on Dribbble
It's been a couple weeks since our last "10 Names" post, so today we are picking up where we left off--halfway through Hawaiiian names. Today's post is all about the boys. Let me know, which ones are your favorites?

Akoni- Handsome Akoni comes from Anakoni--the Hawaiian version of Anthony. If you're looking for a fresh spin on a classic name, Akoni is a great one to consider. Musician Tariqh Akoni could be a possible namesake.

Holokai- Holokai means "seafarer," making him the perfect name for your beach babe! He's an extremely uncommon name (even in Hawaii), but is the name of multiple boating companies in Oahu. Holokai is wonderful if you want a longer name for Kai, or an unusual alternative to Malachi.

Kahua- Bring on the K names! Kahua is a lovely name, though unfortunately, not much is known about him. He has that quintessential Hawaiian sound, and would be a practically unique choice for a son.

Kainoa- Why choose between two trendy names when you can have them both? Kainoa blends current favorites Noah and Kai into one dazzling (and legitimate!) name. He means "sea of freedom."

Kaleo- You can't go wrong with a name as tailored and suave as Kaleo. The -leo suffix is right on trend (although in this case, it's pronounced as LAY-oh). Kaleo was given to only 52 boys last year, so he's the perfect under-the-radar pick.

Kealoha- The best part about Kealoha is word "aloha" right at the end. You can't get more Hawaiian than that. He means "the loved one," which is just about the sweetest it can be. Plus, he was given to fewer than five babies last year, for those of you who like uncommon names.

Kimo- Kimo is the Hawaiian form of James. His looks perfect on paper--not too long, easy to pronounce, etc--but my only hesitation is that he sounds like "chemo," That might be a deal-breaker for me, but what do you guys think?

Koa- Koa is the most popular name on this list, with 110 uses in 2014. He's the perfect under-the-radar pick for a baby of today, with similar sounding Noah so popular. Koa is also the name of a native Hawaiian tree, and means "warrior."

Lui- Lovable Lui is Hawaii's variation of Louis. He's pronounced like Louie, but his alternate spelling gives him some Polynesian flair. Lui is also sometimes used in Denmark and China, making him quite the multicultural name.

Makeo- At #106 and rising, Mateo is on the verge of being too popular. However, his Hawaiian cousin, Makeo is practically unheard of. He's an ideal substitute. Keo would work nicely as a nickname.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Best of 2015

via Justin McKinley on Dribbble

January: January brought one of my most popular posts ever--Hipster Baby Name or Hipster City? It even features a (very difficult!) quiz to test your knowledge.

February: In February we looked at Names from Children's Literature. There are so many great choices, ranging from the classic--Frances, Harriet, George--to the uncommon--Pippi, Clifford, Coraline.

March: This month featured our first installment of Same Meaning Sibsets. I love putting these posts together--they are some of my favorites to write.

April: I wrote about Day and Night Names in April--the lists are especially good for searching for middle names.

May: May introduced us to Rainbow Sibsets (parts one and two). For those of you attracted to color names, one of these combinations could make the perfect--yet subtle--sibset.

June: June was a busy month! Sadly, it brought the last post of our alphabet series, but then we started up a new one. Our cultural names series is still going strong, and I have no intention of ending it anytime soon.

July: In July we talked about Nautical Names--ideal for a preppy summer baby.

August: August was our month of middle names! Take a look at the Best Middle Names for Girls and Boys for some inspiration.

September showed us how to create our own Double Barrel Names. What's your favorite combo?

October: This month we talked about Stylish Names outside the top 1000 for boys. Check the September archives for the girls list!

November: The highlight of our November was talking about the Best Unisex Names for Girls and Boys. Granted, these can be used for a child of any sex, but they were organized by the gender they were used the most on.

December: Last month was all about holiday related names. One of my favorite lists to put together was the Christmas Crooner Names.

And now, reader favorites!

1. Stylish Choices Outside the Top 1000: Girls
2. Share a Coke Names: Summer 2015
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