Monday, April 11, 2016

Nicknames for Dorothy

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Happy Monday everyone! As many of you know, we're coming up at our 5th anniversary of the blog, and needless to say, some posts need updating. So, I will be periodically re-vamping some old posts. First up is Nicknames for Dorothy! This is one of my most popular posts, and it's only getting more views as the name Dorothy rises in the charts. Let me know--what nickname would you use for Dorothy?

Dodie- Charmingly vintage Dodie is an English nickname for Dorothy. She's the type of nickname you can picture on a young girl or an old lady, but not much in between.

Doe- A nickname like Doe will inspire many musical outbursts, and perhaps some "Jane Doe" comments.

Dolly- Another nickname for Dorothy with musical theater connections (yep, Hello Dolly!) The English word doll actually comes from this popular 17th century onward name, not the other way around. She's been long out of favor since--is there any chance for Dolly to come back?

Dora- Oh, Dora. She'd be so trendy right now if it wasn't for that cartoon series. If you like her sound but not her associations, I suggest you take a look at our next name...

Dorie- Dora's sweet cousin. I suggest spelling her Dorie to ward off any fishiness (though you won't be able to evade all of it). Another possible spelling is Dori, but that seems straight out of the '60s.

Dortha- Clunky-cool Dortha was most popular in 1925, and fell off the charts in the 1940s. If you follow the 100 year rule, that means if you use her today you'll be 10 years ahead of the curve.

Dot- Long time readers know I have an affinity for Dot (though I did just take her off my If I Could Name 100 Girls post--sorry Dot!). She's got that retro sass and a bit of a British feel. I think she'd be perfect for a 2016 baby.

Dottie- Of course, you could also call your daughter Dorothy by Dot's similar elaboration--Dottie. Toddler girls would love to be named Dottie--it's the first name of favorite TV character Doc McStuffins.

Tea- Tea is a very Scandinavian nickname for Dorothy. She's traditionally pronounced with two syllables (TAY-uh)--an accent over the E can help clarify. You could pronounce Tea like the beverage if you want, it's certainly not unheard of.

Thea- Thea is another Scandi favorite. She has many pronunciations--THEE-uh, TEE-uh, TAY-uh, and THAY-uh. Take your pick! Thea is used as a nickname for Dorothy, but originated as a nickname for the similar Dorothea.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on June 18, 2013, and updated on April 11, 2016.

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