Friday, April 8, 2016

Name the Blogger Baby: Volume One

via Stephanie Fishwick
Ever since my Celebrity Name Predictions became a hit, I've been thinking of ways to expand the series. Then it hit me: blogger names. Like celebrities, blogger name choices are hotly discussed, and can influence name trends. Just think--Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child single-handedly introduced the world to using Fable and Reverie as names. The best part? Bloggers always seems to be pregnant. So let's get this thing going! What names would you add to the blogger sibsets? And let me know which bloggers you'd like to see in future installments.

Kate Arends
Blog: Wit & Delight
Due Date: July 2016
Gender: Unknown
Siblings: None
Lovely lifestyle blogger Kate Arends announced her pregnancy last week. She has self proclaimed "simple and modern" style, which I used for inspiration when coming up with these names--no frills, pre-nicknamed choices. Kate and her husband Joe have a dog called Winnie Bear, so I'm expecting something a little unexpected in the middle.
Girl: Annika, Anya, Darcy, Evie, Greta, Gwen, Ida, Lainey, Marlowe, Maude, Tessa
Boy: Arlo, Charlie, Cyrus, Finn, Gable, Jack, Ian, Max, Milo, Nate, Otis, Quinn, Rex
*Update* It's a boy! August Joseph Peters.

Jordan Ferney
Blog: Oh Happy Day
Due Date: June 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Roman and Moses
Finally! I can't wait to see what Jordan Ferney names a daughter. She chose two hip but meaningful names for her sons, so the possibilities are endless for this little girl. The Ferneys are world-travelers, (and especially fond of France) so using that as my guide, I came up with these suggestions.
Girl: Anais, Emanuelle, France, Holiday, India, Lark, Marigold, Minnie, Primrose, Tallulah, Zella
*Update* I guess they love that long O sound, because baby girl is Simone!

Chelsea Foy
Blog: Lovely Indeed
Due Date: September 2016
Gender: Unknown
Siblings: Henry
Chelsea Foy has the sweetest son named Henry (but who she calls Tiny Foy), so I think an equally charming, slightly vintage name is in order for baby #2.
Girl: Alice, Clara, Ella, Eloise, Ivy, Josie, Nora, Phoebe, Piper, Ruby, Sadie, Stella
Boy: Asher, August, Charlie, Eli, Elliot, Felix, Levi, Maxwell, Nolan, Oliver, Owen

Liz Stanley
Blog: Say Yes
Due Date: April 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Henry and Elizabeth Jean "Edie"
Funnily enough, Liz Stanley is Jordan Ferney's sister-in-law, and they're both having daughters within months of each other. This first cousin is coming any day now, and I can't wait to see what she's named. Liz's first daughter shares her full name, Elizabeth Jean, but is called Edie. I went with vintage names on the rise for my suggestions--nothing too old-school, because her other sister-in-law Gabby Blair (of Design Mom fame) has that on lock--six kids named Ralph, Maude, Olive, Betty, Oscar, and June!
Girl: Cecilia, Charlotte, Hazel, Ivy, Jane, Lucy, Lydia, Nellie, Rosie, Sophie, Sylvie
*Update* Welcome Dorothea May Stanley! They plan on calling her Dot and Dottie.

Bonnie Tsang
Blog: B for Bonnie
Due Date: August 2016
Gender: Girl
Siblings: Venise
Bonnie Tsang's tween daughter is named Venise--an uncommon name that I can't seem to categorize. However, after twelve years naming styles can change! So I'm very curious to here the name of Bonnie's next daughter.
Girl: Allegra, Calais, Cecile, Ciel, Louise, Opal, Roux, Sabine, Solange, Vesper, Zadie
*Update* Welcome Miss Henri Elizabeth Martin!


  1. Liz named her daughter Dot! Can you believe it!? I thought Sylvie was a phenomenal guess, but it's your old fave Dot!

    1. I was THRILLED to hear she used Dot! I still love that name. I had to put Sylvie on this list, with all the Sylvie hubbub this month :)