Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 Armenian Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kyle Steed via Dribbble
Back for round two of Armenian names! It's the boys' turn this week, and I've got a great list of names today (many that you've probably never even heard of). So let's get right to it! Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite Armenian name for a boy?

Armen- Armen is a handsome name that has roots in both Armenia and Russia. In Russia he is a variant of the names Armand and Herman, but in Armenia, he comes from the name of the country.

Haro- Haro is a multicultural surname name that's more popular in Armenia as a first. Not much information is known about the Armenian form, but he may come from Harout, which in turn is derived from Harutyun.

Levon- Impeccably stylish Levon should be all the rage right now, but instead he's an under-the-radar choice. Blogger Petite Biet has a son named Levon. If you name your son Levon, he will share his name with Armenian royalty and an Elton John song.

Narek- Narek comes from the name of an Armenian town which nowadays falls in modern Turkey. The name is sometimes translated as Nareg in Western Armenia, but I think most American parents will prefer the former.

Ohan- Ohan is the Armenian form of John. He'd be the perfect choice for an Armenian-American boy--Ohan has a modern sound and is fresh to American ears, yet has old-world Armenian roots. How perfect!

Sahak- Do you love Isaac? It's hard not to. He's an undisputably great name, but that leads to high rankings (Isaac is at #31). However, Sahak--Isaac's Armenian variation--is practically unheard of in the US. He shares all the same sounds with his Hebrew cousin, but not the popularity. That makes Sahak an A+ choice.

Sourin- Although the two are unrelated, Armenian Sourin is very similar to Scandinavian Soren. The latter is quite trendy right now, making Sourin a good alternative. Unlike Soren, Sourin's pronunciation puts the stress on the second syllable. 

Sufjan- You may have heard of Sufjan Stevens, the American folk hipster rocker, but I bet you didn't know his name was Armenian. Sufjan is actually a variant of Sufyan, which is also used in Arabic culture. Either spelling is usable for a baby boy.

Toros- Toros is the Armenian form of Theodore, although he may remind people of the Spanish word for bull, "toro." He may be confused for Taurus (not coincidentally the constellation of the bull). If you prefer classic names with unusual nicknames, you can call your little Theodore--or Thelonius--Toros.

Zako- Zack may be out of fashion, but Zako feels energetic and fresh. He's an Armenian name, as well as a Hungarian version of Zachariah. He works as both a full name and a nickname, so take your pick!

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