Friday, March 11, 2016

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part 7

Regina Casaleggio via Dribbble
I've got a very royal set of same meaning sibsets for you all today. Since all the meanings are linked, I think it'd be super fun to mix and match--how fun would it be to have four children whose names meant King, Queen, Prince, and Princess?

Amir, Daria, + Malik
Adelio, Amirah + Darius
Bodi + Ryan
Kingsley + Reagan
Kingston + Rex

Dione + Juno
Morrigan, Quenby, + Rhiannon
Rani + Thailah
Regina, Quinton, + Tiana

Adhit, Emira, + Rajah
Armel + Vladimir
Brendan + Royce
Fitzroy + Princeton

Maelie + Zadie
Putri, Saija, + Zarouhi
Orla + Sadie
Suri + Zara

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