Monday, March 7, 2016

Full Names for Sam

Corina Nika via Cocorrina
On a boy, he's the quintessential guys' guy name. On a girl, she's the ultimate tomboy name. No matter which gender you prefer it on, there's no denying the appeal of Sam. There are plenty of options beyond Samuel and Samantha--take a look.


Balsam- I love an unusual name with a common nickname, and Balsam is just that. He's got great nature vibes, and is probably the most unexpected way to get to Sam for a boy.

Samar- I've talked about Samar in the past--he's one of my favorite Arabic names. Samar is actually a unisex name, and means "evening conversation" (isn't that the best?).

Samir- Samir is super similar to Samar (they share the same roots), yet has a slightly different feel. While Samar is gentlemanly and sophisticated, Samir is a bit more casual and playful. He currently ranks at #757 on the US top 1000.

Samson- The Hebrew name Samson is experiencing quite a rise up the charts. In three years, he moved over 200 spaces. Parents are beginning to see him as an alternative to Samuel, due much to the fact that he can be called Sam.

Samuel- Samuel is a classic in every sense of the word. He's never been outside of the top 90, and nowadays hangs around the mid twenties. Samuel is a wonderful name, and one that many parents choose to get the nickname Sam.


Samantha- Samantha was a hit in the '90s, reaching as high as #3 in 1998. At #33, she's still quite common, but is growing more and more dim. Nevertheless, with so many pop culture namesakes, I'm sure she'll be around for a while.

Samar- Like I previously mentioned, Samar is not just a name for boys. Girls can wear it too! She's just one letter off from Tamar, so I don't foresee it being an issue at all. Your Samar can go by Sam or Sammy, or the more feminine Mara.

Samara- If you like Samar, but aren't a fan of gender confusion, I suggest Samara. She's much more common (she ranks at #631), but like many of the Sam names for girls, is fading in her popularity.

Samaya- Samaya is a variation of the Hebrew Sameh, and is better suited for American use. With Maya being so popular these days, I can definitely see Samaya gaining favor.

Sesame- If you want a truly offbeat quirky name, Sesame should be right up your alley (or should I say street?) Sure, you might get some Elmo comments, but the nickname Sam can neutralize the association.