Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10 Vietnamese Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Brian C. Allen via Dribbble
This is one of my favorite series on the blog. I love introducing you guys to names from cultures you never would have considered for naming inspiration. Like I said last week, I think Vietnamese names are perfect for American use. There are so many of them out there, but I picked ten of my favorites that I would love to hear on a little boy.

An- An is both a Chinese and a Vietnamese name. He's simple (though possibly too breif for some parents) but more than usable in the US. An means "peace."

Bao- Bao is a Vietnamese name meaning "protection" or "security." In China, Bao is mostly a feminine name, though sometimes used on boys as well. One possible downside: the word bao means "bun," and is heard in many a restaurant.

Binh- Like An, Binh means "peace." Binh is one of my favorites on this list--he sounds so sweet and lovely. If you don't love short first names, he'd make a great middle.

Lanh- I don't put much stock into name meanings, so I think of it as a bonus when a nice name has a meaning to match. Lanh is just that type of name. He means "happy, good, and gentle"--you can't get much better than that.

Minh- Speaking of names with good meanings, take a look at Minh! He means "bright and intelligent"--a brother name for Sophia perhaps?

Nguyen- Americans love surname names, so why not use the most common Vietnamese surname as a first? Many people will object to his pronunciation (and it varies by location), but the most common are "new-wen" or simply "wen."

Quyen- Quyen might be the most import friendly name on this list. Sure, his spelling looks daunting, but he's actually pronounced very much like Quinn. So if you're worried about Quinn going girl, I suggest you take a look at Quyen, who's stricly masculine.

Trai- Trai is a Vietnamese name meaning "oyster" (how fun!). Nameberry lists him as a variation of Trey, which was originally used for sons with a third generation name. Either way, I think he'd be charming on an American boy.

Tuan- The Vietnamese masculine name Tuan made it into the top 1000 back in 1982 and 1983. This was a time when many Vietnamese immigrants were coming to the United States, so this isn't too surprising. However, not many other Vietnamese names were on the list, so he must be a popular choice.

Van- Van is most well known as a Dutch name, but there's a Vietnamese version as well. Depending on the accent mark above the A, he either means "cloud," or "knowledge and literature." Apparently he's quite a popular middle name choice for Vietnamese boys, but I think he'd make a great first name too.

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