Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 Czech Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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We don't hear about Czech names often, but there are some wonderful options! My personal favorite of today's list is Lida--how lovely would she be on a baby girl? Let me know your favorites, I always love to hear them.

Apolena- I don't know about you guys, but I love the name Apollonia, just not her five syllables. Thankfully, the Czech version is Apolena--a slightly shorter version that I think I like even more.

Dosia- Dosia is a Czech version of the Greek Dorothea. She also has roots in Poland, where she is used as a nickname for Teodozja or Dorota. As far as pronunciation goes, in the Czech Republic, Dosia is said like DAH-shuh.

Edita- With Edith on the rise in the US, it's time to start looking for variations. I'm particularly fond of the Czech one, Edita. She could easily go by the retro-cool nickname Edie, if you're a fan.

Evka- Speaking of names on the rise, let's talk about Eva. She's currently at #82 in America, and similar names (Ava, Eve, Evie, etc.) are soaring as well. The Czech Eva is Evka, and it's safe to say she hasn't hit it big yet. If you're not offended by the hard K sound (currently not very vogue, but I love it!), then Evka could be a lovely Eva alternate.

Lenka- Lenka is originally a short form of Madalena and Helena in the Czech Republic, but I think she's gorgeous in her own right. She's similar to the rising name Lena, but has an undeniable European feel.

Lida- Lida is name that has great potential. I can definitely see her catching on in the US. She's a diminutive of Ludmila (unfortunately, not one I can see catching on), but is unrelated to the Greek Leda. Americans love L names for girls, so tell me--am I crazy, or could Lida be our next big import?

Milena- No doubt you are familiar with Milena as the real name of mega-star Mila Kunis. She's currently ranked at #798, making her the most popular name on this list, as well as the most well-known Czech name to Americans. Milena is used in many European countries, so she's a good cross-cultural pick.

Olina- Olga might not be your style, but how about her Czech form, Olina? She's less harsh and more feminine, plus she can shorten to Lina. Olina is a Czech name by design, but also used throughout Scandinavia.

Olivie- Olivie and a Czech and French name. As you may have guessed, she's a variation of Olivia. Unlike her more popular sister, the emphasis is not on the second syllable. Instead, Olivie, is pronounced oh-liv-EE.

Tila- Isn't Tila cute? She's a Czech nickname for Matilda, and much like my favorite Matilda knock-off (Tilda!) she's splendid on her own. That being said, she makes a fun, unexpected nickname for an American Matilda.

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