Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Madison Holmlund via Dribbble
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day everyone! As a tribute to my favorite holiday, I thought we'd take a look at some of my past Valentine and love-related posts.

February Names
For a broader, more subtle choice, why not name your baby after something that relates to her birth month? This post offers some advice about what to name a February babe.

Gods and Goddesses of Love Names
Gods and Goddesses associated with love make fantastic names for a baby valentine. I like Freya and Radha the best.

Romantic Word Names for Valentine's Day
In case you missed it, here is Monday's post all about which word names are best for a February 14th baby. They make wonderful middle names.

Same Meaning Sibsets
This round of Same Meaning Sibsets includes some options for a love-inspired set. My favorite is Esme, Kerensa, and Priya.

Valentine's Names
This post is all about names that have ties to love or Valentine's Day. So many good choices!

Have a lovely holiday everyone! XOXO

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