Monday, February 29, 2016

Full Names for Cal

Taylor Pemberton via Dribbble
Cal is one of those nicknames with the elusive cowboy-cool factor. He's effortlessly hip, so it's no wonder today's parents are loving Cal names. The following twelve names make excellent full forms for Cal.

Calbert- One of the more antiquated names on this list, but the nickname Cal livens him up a bit.

Calder- A creative name, thanks to artist Alexander Calder.

Caldwell- An English surname that would work just as well as a first.

Caledon- Caldeon derives from Caledonia (Latin for Scotland), and is most well known as a minor character in Titanic.

Calhoun- A jaunty Irish surname that means "from the narrow wood."

California- This place name swings slightly girl (9 uses in 2014 vs. fewer than 5), but with such low numbers, why couldn't California go boy?

Callaghan- This Irish surname is just waiting to be discovered. He's a great option if you like longer names for boys.

Callum- Sweet Callum is rising quickly up the charts. I think he'll break the top 700 come May.

Calton- Calton is a smoosh name with potential. Colton's at #65, so it's only a matter of time before parents go searching for alternatives.

Calvin- Classic, with a mischievous spirit (thanks to Calvin & Hobbes).

Macalester- A prestigious collegiate name that could answer to Mac, Cal, or Les (take your pick).

Pascal- A charming name that I'd like to see used more often.

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