Wednesday, February 17, 2016

10 Hungarian Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Ferenc Petho via Dribbble
Were you guys as stoked as I was about last week's Hungarian Names for Girls? This group of guys is just as good for an under-the-radar, but alluring name. Let me know your favorites, and if you would actually consider any of these for a son.

Andor- Andor is an attractive name with both Hungarian and Norwegian roots. The Hungarian version is a variant of Andras, and peaked in 2007 at #92 on the charts. Andor makes a great alternative to all the And- names that so stylish, from Andrew to Anderson.

Bela- Bela is a Czech-Hungarian name, although in the Czech Republic it's sometimes considered feminine, while in Hungary it's a strictly masculine name. The Belas most Americans are familiar with are men, so despite the -a ending, I think this one is best suited for a boy.

Bence- I'm always looking for cool alternatives to Ben, and Bence is just that. He is traditionally a nickname for Benedek, as well as a Hungarian form of Vincent. On his own, Bence has been the number one Hungarian boys' name for over a decade. I think he'd be a lovely addition to the American name pool.

Dacso- Dacso is Hungary's handsome form of Daniel. He's uncommon, even in Hungary, but I think he'd be sweet on an American boy.

Erno- Like Andor, Erno shares Hungarian and Scandinavian roots, though this time with Finland. He's the Hungarian form of Ernest, a name American parents haven't embraced for years. If Ernie is too Sesame Street for you, Erno makes a great alternative.

Laszlo- Quirky, hipster favorite Laszlo is one of the most well-known Hungarian names. He's been in the Hungarian top 25 for over ten years, and currently stands at #19. Laszlo is going to catch fire in America one day soon (but he might never reach our top 25).

Ödön- Ödön is Hungary's version of Edmund, Spelled Odon, without the umlauts, he's the French form of Otto, and a variation of the Norweigan name Odin. Umlauts or not, he's an interesting and stylish choice for your baby boy.

Orban- I talk about the name Urban a lot, mostly because I'm disappointed in his lack of usability. The Hungarian form, Orban solves that conundrum, since he sounds less wordy. Yet he still is attractive and modern, two major criterion in baby naming of today.

Sandor- Sandor is Hungary's answer to Alexander, although he isn't pronounced quite the way he looks. Sandor is said SHAHN-dor, like it has an sh- in the front. For you Game of Thrones fans, Sandor is a name of one of the characters.

Vincien- Vincien, like Bence, is a Hungarian variation of Vincent. That means you can use Bence as a nickname for your little Vincien, though it will thoroughly confuse many people. Vincent is a classic name, holding steadfast in popularity, so it's always nice to consider some other options.

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