Monday, January 11, 2016

Full Names for Hallie

Made by me, via PicMonkey
Hallie is such a sweet, all-American girl type of nickname--it's a shame she's not used more often! The problem might be in that she doesn't have many obvious full name choices. I have eight wonderful options listed today--let me know if there are any you would add.

Halcyon- Halcyon is a fabulous Greek name with origins in Greek mythology. The fantastical bird was known for it's calming effect. It may seem like a lot to wear, but with the nickname Hallie, I think it works.

Halda- Halda might seem a touch old-fashioned, but my theory is the -da name are going to come back in style--soon. Think Frieda, Tilda, Esmeralda. When that happens, Halda will be a great under-the-radar pick, with the bonus of an adorable nickname.

Haldis- However, I'm not as optimistic about the -is names coming back anytime soon. Gladys, Glennis, and others haven't quite ripened up again. Although, Haldis is made a bit sweeter by her nickname Hallie.

Halima- Halima is a gorgeous African name popular in Egypt and Somalia. She means "gentle," "mild," or "patient" depending on the translation. Halima obviously doesn't need a nickname, but should you choose to go that route, Hallie is a nice option.

Halona- Halona has Native American and Hawaiian roots, and has the wonderful meaning of "happy fortune." She would be very wearable on an American baby, even sans the Hallie nickname.

Halsey- Everyone is loving H surnames right now, but Halsey remains undiscovered. She's short enough to go without a nickname--and obviously Hallie isn't any shorter--but it could help with gender confusion.

Henna- Many of you will recognize Henna as a plant name, most commonly associated with the Indian art of temporary tattooing. Hallie might seem like an odd nickname choice, but if Henry can answer to Hal, Henna can definitely be called Hallie.

Henrietta- Henrietta is a spunky heroine name, a la Henrietta Lacks. Much like Henna, Hallie isn't the first nickname you would expect, but is nonetheless a viable option.

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