Monday, January 4, 2016

Best of 2015

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January: January brought one of my most popular posts ever--Hipster Baby Name or Hipster City? It even features a (very difficult!) quiz to test your knowledge.

February: In February we looked at Names from Children's Literature. There are so many great choices, ranging from the classic--Frances, Harriet, George--to the uncommon--Pippi, Clifford, Coraline.

March: This month featured our first installment of Same Meaning Sibsets. I love putting these posts together--they are some of my favorites to write.

April: I wrote about Day and Night Names in April--the lists are especially good for searching for middle names.

May: May introduced us to Rainbow Sibsets (parts one and two). For those of you attracted to color names, one of these combinations could make the perfect--yet subtle--sibset.

June: June was a busy month! Sadly, it brought the last post of our alphabet series, but then we started up a new one. Our cultural names series is still going strong, and I have no intention of ending it anytime soon.

July: In July we talked about Nautical Names--ideal for a preppy summer baby.

August: August was our month of middle names! Take a look at the Best Middle Names for Girls and Boys for some inspiration.

September showed us how to create our own Double Barrel Names. What's your favorite combo?

October: This month we talked about Stylish Names outside the top 1000 for boys. Check the September archives for the girls list!

November: The highlight of our November was talking about the Best Unisex Names for Girls and Boys. Granted, these can be used for a child of any sex, but they were organized by the gender they were used the most on.

December: Last month was all about holiday related names. One of my favorite lists to put together was the Christmas Crooner Names.

And now, reader favorites!

1. Stylish Choices Outside the Top 1000: Girls
2. Share a Coke Names: Summer 2015
3. 10 English Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls
4. The Best Middle Names for Girls
5. 10 V Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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