Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 Spanish Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Joshua Krohn via Dribbble
Time for Spanish names for boys! These sophisticated señor‎s are lovely on a baby of any nationality. 

Augusto- August is all the rage these days, but what about his suave Spanish cousin, Augusto? Turns out, the latter doesn't even crack the top 1000, making him a prime choice for parents seeking a creative way to get to Gus.

Baez- Baez is a unisex Spanish surname with a lot of potential. It's most well known as the last name of singer Joan Baez, who would be a worthy namesake for your baby.

Cisco- Cisco is a hipper, more causal off-shoot of Francisco. The latter ranks at #232 in America, making him a familiar, yet not overused name. But if you're looking for something less formal, and a bit more unique, Cisco is the way to go.

Cordovan- It's not always easy to find long names for boys with easy nicknames, but Cordovan is just that. His cowboy-cool nickname Cord is a winner.

Cortez- You guys, I am SO excited about Cortez. I think this name is really going places. Cortez is basically the perfect name--not too long or short, easy to say and spell, familiar enough but not even in the top 1000, and he can shorten to Cort. 2016 is Cortez's year, I'm calling it.

Fredo- Alfredo may seem a bit fusty on a baby, but Fredo? Totally different vibe. He's actually the Spanish version of Jeffrey (though he's also short for Alfredo), If you think he's too nickname-y on his own, try Fredo as a nickname for Frederick.

Isra- Upset about Israel's recent Duggar-fication? Isra could be the answer to all your problems. While he does have an "A" ending, his ties to Israel and similarities to Ezra make him read masculine.

Oro- Looking for a gold-star baby name? Oro is your man--he literally means "gold." He's also got a very sophisticated and stylish sound--reminiscent of names like Ari, Orin, and Arlo.

Sidro- Long time readers might remember my post about Full Names for Sid. How I wish I knew about Sidro when I wrote that post! Sidro strikes me as one of the coolest ways to get to Sid--no nickname necessary.

Teo- Theo's all the rage these days--he and full name Theodore are still on the up-and-up. However, his Spanish counterpart, Teo is no where to be found. He's short and sweet, and works as a nickname for countless names, from Matthew and Matteo, to Theodore and Thelonius.

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