Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Spanish Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Lauren Beltramo via Dribbble
Today we're talking about Spanish names for girls. These lovely ladies have great potential, but remain undiscovered. Which ones would you use?

Araceli- Araceli is a breathtaking name--the perfect blend of accessible and unusual. She means "alter of the sky."

Cira- Cira is a lovely feminine form of Cyrus. I was delighted when I stumbled across her, and astonished that I'd never heard of her before. Cira would feel right at home on a 2016 baby.

Evia- The Ev- names are still all the rage, but Evia hasn't yet been discovered. She's ideal if you need something with just a bit more substance than Evie.

Jacinta- Jacinta (that's hah-SEEN-tah) is the Spanish word for Hyacinth, and much more namely. If you don't mind the occasional mispronunciation--let's be honest: constant--she's a stunning choice.

Jemsa- Like Jacinta, you will run into some pronunciation problems with Jemsa, but she has more room for flexibility. If you so desired, you could say Jemsa with an English "J" sound (and everyone would be none the wiser). She makes a nice alternative to Gemma.

Leocadia- A beautiful leonine name perfect for parents looking for a long, European name. Leocadia means "splendid brightness."

Lumina- Lumina takes two very popular sounds and blends them into one unique name. She's the Spanish variation of Lumiere, another gorgeous appellation.

Nelia- Nelia may seem strictly British, but she has roots in Spanish culture as well. She's a nickname for Manuela, though you wouldn't have to use her as such.

Soficita- While it's a little hard to imagine using Soficita as a formal name, she makes a fun and quirky nickname option for all the Sofias out there.

Soledad- Although many people are familiar with the name Soledad in the U.S., she's scarcely used. She means "solitude," and is a direct reference to the Virgin Mary.