Wednesday, December 2, 2015

10 Italian Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Today we're talking about ten lovely Italian ladies. If you're in need of a glamorous name with a hint of mystery, these girls have got you covered. Take a look. 

Celestina- I'm a fan of any Celeste name, so naturally, I'm fond of Celestina. She's the Italian and Spanish form of Celeste, although in Italian, she's pronounced with a "ch" sound at the beginning. If you're looking for a long, romantic, unusual name, put Celestina on your list. 

Cosetta- Cosetta is an extreme rarity--she was given to four or fewer girls in the U.S. last year. For those of you searching for an almost unique name, Cosetta is a pleasant option. She's the Italian variation of the French name Cosette--almost instantly recognizable from the character in Les Miserables. 

Dicembre- Need an Italian name for your December-born baby? Dicembre would be perfect. She's scarcely used--both in America and in Italy. Like Cosetta, Dicembre is an almost unique choice. 

Domenica- Domenica is a lively, refreshing alternative to Dominique. She's a feminized form of Dominic, and works to honor any of the Dom- names. Nica makes a cute nickname, and is much more modern than Nicki. 

Eloisa- If Eloise is a little too "Plaza Hotel" for you, Eloisa could be the answer to your problems. She's just as sassy and retro, but doesn't carry the same mischievous little girl associations.

Graziella- Graziella is one of those names that is just so fun to say. She can be said with either three or four syllables, but in the U.S. it might be easiest to do four--grahtz-ee-EL-ah. She's a diminutive of Grazia, the Italian form of Grace. 

Isabetta- Elisabetta is a five-syllable mouthful, but fortunately her nickname Isabetta is more managable. She's very charming on her own, but Isabetta can also be used as a nickname for American favorite Elizabeth. She is perfect for families that pass down the name Elizabeth, but want a more distinctive nickname.

Leonida- There's been a lot of love for Leo names lately, especially on the boys side. Leonida is a gorgeous option for a girl. She's the Italian version of Leona, and also stems from the Greek Leonidas. 

Simona- Simona is a name used throughout Europe, particularly in Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. She's a nice option if you want a name that can honor a Simon, but is longer, or a bit more exotic than Simone. 

Vivia- No doubt about it, "V" is the hottest letter of 2015. We love names with Vs in them--Olivia, Vivian, Ava, Evelyn, etc. Vivia an undiscovered gem that will blend right in. She seems like she could have been made-up--essentially a mash-up of Olivia and Vivian--but trust me, Vivia is one hundred percent Italian.

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