Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Hindi Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Today we're talking all about Hindi names for boys. Every single name on this list would work well on an American or English-speaking child, so don't be afraid to use one!

Deshan- Deshan is an unpopular Hindi name meaning "of the nation." He'd be an easy import, considering his similarities to familiar names like Deshawn.

Dhani- Dhani is most recognizable as the name of George Harrison's son. Dhani Harrison is named after notes in the Indian musical scale, which is very fitting for a musician's child. There could be some confusion between Dhani and Danny, but as long as you stress the first syllable when introducing him to people, it shouldn't be too much of a burden.

Hari- Just as Dhani is similar to Danny, Hari sounds a lot like Harry. However, Hari has the attractive "A" sound that is found in Charlie, which gives him some style points. Hari is an alternate name for the Indian gods Vishnu and Krishna.

Kamal- Kamal is a cross-cultural name, with roots in Arabic and Hindi. He comes from the more feminine Kamala, a Hindu goddess name. Kamal has many meanings--in Arabic he's considered to mean "perfection," while in India is it said he means either "lotus" or "pale red."

Nalin- Like Kamal, Nalin also means "lotus." He's a popular name among Indian Buddhists, as the lotus symbolizes nirvana and enlightenment. Nalin is pronounced na-LEEN, and can also be spelled Naleen.

Narain- Narain--also spelled Narayan--is another name associated with the god Vishnu. He means "protector," and is also considered to be the name of the god of creation. A famous Indian actor goes by the name mononymously.

Rajah- Rajah means "prince" in Hindi, and is used as a title there (similar to the use of Prince in English). Rajah is a simple, but stylish name, and he comes with the nickname Raj. Most people will recognize it as the name of a character in the Disney movie Alladin.

Ravi- Ravi is the cheerful name of the Hindu sun god, and fittingly means "sun" in Sanskrit. He'd be extremely easy to wear in the U.S., though he hasn't caught on. The Dutch have taken quite a liking to Ravi though, as he ranks at #127 in the Netherlands.

Sarad- Sarad means "born in autumn," so if you're due within the month, put him on your list! All jokes aside, he's a very attractive name that could be worn by a baby born in any season. He does have similarities to the name Sarah, but the -d ending and alternate syllable pattern makes me think this won't be a problem.

Varan- Varan is a derivitave of Varuna, who is the Hindu god of water. Even though he's not the actual name of the god, Varan is probably a better choice for an American baby, as Varuna will sound too feminine to many ears.

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