Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Dutch Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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We're talking about Dutch names for boys today--this list is full of short and sweet choices perfect for nicknames or own their own. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

Arjan- Arjan (pronounced AHR-yahn) is the attractive Dutch form of Adrian. Speaking of Adrian, he's at an all time high right now at #59, so Arjan makes a nice alternative if you want something less popular. Arje is a sweet nickname possibility.

Bas- Bas is quite trendy in the Netherlands, both on his own, and as a nickname for such names as Sebastiaan and Bastiaan--the Dutch variations of Sebastian and Bastian. Another, much more American spelling is Baz, which you might recognize as the name of esteemed director Baz Luhrmann.

Bram- Bram is a lovely choice--one of my very favorites. He's the Netherlands' answer to Abraham, and feels decidedly more modern. The Dutch can't get enough of Bram--he ranks #2 over there. Bram makes for an incredibly easy import into the United States. With names like Graham starting to make their way up the charts, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bram crack the top 1000 sooner or later. So grab him while he's fresh!

Mies- Calling all you nature mamas and papas: Mies means "son of the earth"--perfect for the child of planet-loving parents. He's originally short for Bartholomeus, meaning he could work as a nickname for Bartholomew, assuming you're not a fan of Bart.

Pim- It's no secret I love Pimm--for a girl. Well, the masculine form, Pim is a Dutch nickname for Willem and just almost as cute. If you're not feeling Will, Billy, or even Liam as a nickname for William, Pim is an intriguing and very unexpected option.

Rem- Unlike the Dutch, most American parents won't consider a name as short as Rem stand-alone. Fortunately, he can act as a nickname for Jeremy, Remington, and the like. Rem is a bit more masculine than the unisex Remy, if you are searching for an alternative.

Roel- Roel is the Dutch form of Roland--pronounced like "rule" in the Netherlands, but more likely "role" in America. He's a classy way to honor a Joel, Roland, Rudolph, or Orlando in your life.

Rutger- Rutger comes from Roger, and could be used as a contemporary update for him. Rutger could also be a fun way to honor your alma mater, provided you went to Rutgers University. The University in New Jersey was named after Colonel Henry Rutgers, who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Sander- Sander is the Dutch and Scandinavian nickname for Alexander, although he is considered a name in his own right as well. Sander, or even more so, Sanders would make an extremely topical choice right now, considering the impending presidential election, and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Thijs- Thijs (pronounced like "twice" without the "W") is another Dutch favorite, ranking at #15. He comes from Matthijs, the Netherlands' variation of Matthew. News anchor Matt Lauer subtly honored himself by naming his son Thijs--something only a name enthusiast would notice.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! I'm taking Friday off for the holiday weekend--see you next week!


  1. Really like Arjan and Thijs, other favorites are Sem, Cornelis and Willem.