Monday, September 21, 2015

Full Names for Minnie

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Ever since I watched the wonderful new movie The Diary of a Teenage Girl, I can't stop thinking about the name Minnie. She'd make a great nickname for a baby born today (or even a full name). Take a look at these options for full forms.

Araminta- This quirky British name lends herself more to Minty than Minnie, but the latter is better for parents who want a more subdued nickname.

Clementine- Clementine is one of the few long names with a lack of nickname options. If Clem or Clemmie aren't your thing, Minnie would be a lovely nickname for your darling Clementine.

Dominique- Most of the Dominiques I know go by Domi when they need a short form, but Minnie makes for a more whimsical choice.

Domino- Speaking of whimsical names, how about Domino? She's certainly delightful on her own, but Minnie makes her more accessible.

Jasmine- Jasmine strikes me as slightly dated, but she's still in the top 100 (albeit, at #100), but as the most popular name on this list, she very well could be the most prominent way to get to Minnie (I doubt it, but they don't have statistics on this stuff, so who knows!). Minnie's a great nickname option for those of you who don't like Jazz.

Jessamine- Jessamine is Jasmine's funkier ancestor--she was the original spelling of the flower's name. Jess and Jessa sound a bit old as nicknames, but charming Minnie is perfectly fresh.

Mignon- Mignon is a sweet French name meaning "delicate and dainty." Her original nickname is Mignonette, but if you're looking for something slimmer--and perhaps a bit less dainty--Minnie is your girl.

Minerva- The nickname Minnie originally comes from Minerva--the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom. She shares her meaning of wisdom with Sophia, making Minerva/Minnie a good alternative to Sophia/Sophie.

Minna- Minna, though German by origin, is currently used all around Europe. She's especially popular in Scandinavia. I don't think she needs a nickname, but if you must, Minnie's the best option. 

Minuet- For a Minnie with a musical connection, try Minuet. She's a French ballroom dance, which gives the name a romantic, rhythmic feel.

Wilhelmina- Wilhelmina a lot to handle for a baby girl, but luckily she's chock full of nicknames. I'd vote for Minnie over Billie or Willa any day.


  1. LOVE this post! I actually did a little jump when I read the title.
    Fantastic list again, Sophie!

  2. Great collection of names. I would have never thought of Dominique.