Monday, September 14, 2015

Full Names for Cassie

I made this.

Cascade- Everyone loves a good word name, and Cascade seems like a perfect one. She conjures up images of brisk, serene waterfalls--what more could you ask for?

Cassandra- The classic full name for Cassie. She's been on a downward trend ever since the '80s, but she doesn't strike me as terribly dated. I wouldn't bat an eye at a baby Cassandra in 2015.

Cassandria- But if you want to get more dramatic, Cassandria is the way to go. Just like Alexandra/Alexandria, Cassandra/Cassandria shows us that one tiny "I" can make a big difference in terms of image.

Cassatindra- I first came across Cassatindra while doing research for this post, and I was immediately intrigued. However, a simple Google search yielded almost no results. All I could gather was that she is a variation of Cassandra (obvoiusly), but a name like her must have some history. Cassatindra would make a show-stopping name for a daughter.

Cassia- Brought into the spotlight by the young adult novel Matched, Cassia is a beautiful way to get to Cassie. Cassia actually a nature name--the spice is often used as a substitute for cinnamon.

Cassidy- Cassidy peaked in 1999 at #99, and has been on the decline ever since. However, she's had a slight uptick in recent years--maybe it's because she's a great full name for Cassie.

Cassiopeia- This celestial name may seem like a mouthful, but fortunately enough people are familiar with her that you shouldn't get too many mispronounciations. And if she does prove to be too much, you can always call her Cassie.

Jocasta- Jocasta is one of the prettiest (and certainly most underused) Jo- names. Her long "A" sound doesn't quite lend itself to Cassie, but you can defitintely make it work.

Lancaster- Lancaster is a British surname and place name not often used on girls. With (or even without) the nickname Cassie, Lancaster would be wonderful on a baby girl.

Nicasia- A lovely name for honoring a Nicole is Nicasia. She has a gorgeous, slightly exotic feel, but the nickname Cassie makes her all-American.

Pascasia- Pascasia is the feminine version of Pascal. These names are usually used in the early Spring (they mean Easter and Passover), but a name as beautiful as Pascasia should be used all year round.

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