Wednesday, September 9, 2015

10 Arabic Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

I made this one.
I don't put too much stock into the meanings of names, but this list has some great ones! If name meanings are something you care about, consider one of the following for your son.

Basim- Starting off with a good one, Basim means "smiling." He's not a popular name at all, but with easy spelling and pronounciation, I think he'd do well in the U.S.

Eyad- Eyad is a modern Arabic name (I couldn't find a meaning). I recently discovered him when watching the Israeli film A Borrowed Identity. The movie was amazing, which obviously colored my view of the main character's name. Watch the film and get back to me :)

Hakeem- Hakeem (and his variant, Hakim) has a debatable meaning. Some say it's "judicious," others, "wise." I prefer the latter, but it's really a win-win.

Nadim- Possibly the name with the best meaning of the list, Nadim is roughly defined as "drinking companion." Count him under Names for People 21 and Older.

Osman- Not many Arabic names come with wonderful nicknames, but I couldn't resist calling a little Osman Ozzie. I mean, how cute is that?

Rafi- Does Rafi still reek of children's songs? I met a young Rafi recently, and he seems perfectly wearable to me. He's a cross-cultural name with many different meanings, but the Arabic form means "noble."

Samar- Samar is a unisex name that means "evening conversation." Sorry Nadim, but that one might be my favorite. If that swanky meaning doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. Maybe the fact that you can call him Sam?

Sulaiman- Sulaiman is the Arabic form of Solomon, which, as many people know, means "peace." He's different yet familiar, with some exotic flair. Perfect.

Zaki- We really are winning with all these meanings today! Zaki means "pure." You could use him as a nickname for any of the Zach- names, but I really like him on his own.

Zinedine- Zinedine has roots in Arabic and French, and means "beauty of faith" or "jewel of religion." Again, the meaning is outstanding. He's pronounced ZAYN-ah-din or ZI-nah-din--though the former allows you to use the nickname Zane.


  1. Oh, Zinedine always reminds me of the football player. Maybe not a good association when naming a child.

    My favorites today are Zaki and Hakeem. So unique! I also really like Qadir und Salim.Oh, and Khalil.

    1. I don't know anything about the football player, but I know people are familiar with him as an association. Khalil is great--I just know so many of them, it seemed to common for me to put on this list!

    2. The football player was probably one of the best ones ever, and then used his last game ever for a very bad foul, which ruined his reputation. Bad temper. Almost tragic.

    3. Oh boy, that's not good. I'm sure that ruined the name for a lot of people.