Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Greek Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Today is all about Greek names for boys, so lets get right to it! You know the drill.

Ajax- Ajax has two common associations: Ajax the Great and Ajax the cleaning product. If you can get past the latter, he is a strong and heroic Greek name, and a unique way to get to Jax.

Calix- Calix is one of the few male names that derived from a female one. In this case, he comes from Calixta, which means "most beautiful." If you're looking for a novel name featuring the letter "X," Calix is a wonderful option.

Castor- The ultimate astrology themed twinset? Castor and Pollux, obviously. They are the twins of the Gemini constellation. Castor is the more usable name of the two, especially in America. And if the oil association bothers you, just think--would it stop you from using Olive?

Ezio- Ezio is by far my favorite of today's list. He's pronounced EYH-tzee-oh, and is quite the hit in France. He means "eagle," making him the perfect name for a Greek-American.

Linus- Yep! Linus is a Greek name. If it weren't for the Peanuts association, Linus would be so darn popular (a la Silas, Elias and Jonas) that I wouldn't need to include him on this list. They seem to like him in Northern Europe though.

Nikos- A more handsome, contemporary version of Nick. Nikos feels much more Greek than the similar Nico, yet is still extremely wearable.

Osias- Is this some biblical name you've never heard of? Nope, though he sure sounds like it. Osias (also spelled Ozias) is right on trend, plus, he comes with the cool nickname Ozzie.

Pan- I love cute little short names, so yes, I'm falling for Pan. My only hesitation is that in America, where many people speak Spanish, he would literally mean "bread." Is that a deal breaker?

Ptolemy- The Pt- of Ptolemy might be hard for a kiddo to understand, but that's no reason not to use this name (I had trouble grasping the fact that a ph makes an "F" sound). The most famous Ptolemy (actually Claudius Ptolemy) was a jack of all trades, specializing in math, astronomy, poetry, and astrology.

Theon- Another name that appeals to mathematicians in Theon. He was a famous math teacher, and his daughter was the first female mathematician. He is also a character on Game of Thrones, if that's more your scene. Theon is similar enough to Theo so he feels familiar, yet different enough so he feels inventive.


  1. Oh, Linus! I love Linus. And I never knew Pan was a name! It reminds me more of the creature inside the labyrinth.

    My other favorite Greek boy names are Ioannis, Hector, Eros, Pluto and Apollo.