Friday, April 17, 2015

Night Names

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Last Friday I talked about Day Names, so today, I've got to talk about Night. This is my favorite of the two lists--night names are a little more mysterious.

Dream--I've never heard her used before, but I think Dream would make a very sweet name for a girl. My preference for obscure word names is to put them in the middle, but if you like it as a first, go for it.

Evening--Eve, Evie, and Evangeline are all currently trendy, so Evening seems like a logical progression. Plus, if you're baby is born after 5 o'clock, her name would be a nod to her time of birth.

Glow--Glow is a precious, ethereal name with ties to the night sky. Rubyellen of Cakies gave it to her youngest daughter, and I find it absolutely darling.

Leila--Leila means "night" in Arabic, so she's the perfect subtle pick for a night time baby girl. Layla is the more dominant spelling (#30 vs. #215), but Leila is the original.

Lila--Lila shares the same roots as Leila, but is not quite as popular. She currently ranks at #192, but is on a slow and steady slide downwards after she peaked in 2010.

Luna--Luna is such a magical name. She's mystical and feminine. Any girl named Luna is bound to be a stunner.

Moon--Moon is one of my guilty pleasure names. She's understated and gorgeous--Moon makes a great middle or first name.

Noir--Talk about mysterious and elegant names. Noir is just that. It could be used for a girl or a boy, though my preference is girl.

Stella--Stella means "star," so she's well-suited for a daughter born on a clear, bright night. If Stella is too trendy for you, try the vintage Estella or Estelle.

Story--Why not name your child after a favorite bedtime ritual? Story is super cute--on her own, or as a nickname for Astoria.

Twila--If your baby is born in the twilight hours, there's no better name for her than Twila. She's sultry and smooth, as well as an update to the old favorite Tyra.

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