Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 W Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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If I had to choose one letter to name boys with, it would be W. Warren and Walter are my current tops, but this list has opened up my eyes to some potential new favorites (I'm loving Walden).

Wagner- Wagner is a fairly popular surname, but he's rarely used as a first name. He's familiar, easy to pronounce and spell, two syllables, and ends in -er, so you can't lose with Wagner.

Walden- Any Henry David Thoreau fans out there? There's no better tribute to the esteemed author than naming your child after his most famous piece of work. Plus, Walden is right on trend, and super uncommon.

Wander- I was trying to think of interesting W word names for boys, and then it hit me--Wander. He'd be perfect for the child of travel-loving parents, either as a first or a middle.

Ward- Ward is what I would call cowboy-cool. He fits in with other country-western favorites like Colt, Jet, and Chase. If you want something a little longer, you could go with Warden (though the prison association is a little too much for me, personally).

Warner- Warner is a German surname that has a good history of use as a first name here in the U.S. He peaked in 1935 (at #445), but was around the 500 mark until the 1940s. If Warren isn't a usable option for you, consider Warner. He's an anagram of Warren, and sounds slightly more contemporary.

Weber- Weber is one of the best surname choices for a son. He's an occupational name meaning "weaver," and has the added bonus of the adorable nickname Webb.

Wheeler- Sensing a theme here? Wheeler is one I hear mentioned in the baby name community regularly, and I can see why. He's a unique and masculine surname name, but has a softness in him that none of the others have.

Willem- Willem is super rad--his only downside is that he will be confused for William. Willem is the Dutch form of William, but he's a lovely choice whether you are from the Netherlands or not.

Willoughby- The most intriguing full name for Will is Willoughby. Hands down. You can't really get a name more exceptional than this. He's understandably a little much for most people, but if you can handle Willoughby, by all means, go for it.

Winslow- Winslow is just darling--he's super sweet. He makes a great honor name for all those Winstons born around WWII.

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