Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 W Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Calling all brave namers. This list is for you. Sure, some of these names are on the tamer side, but the rest of them--not for the faint of heart.

Wandely- Oh yes. Wandely. Never heard of her? Neither has anyone else, so you've got uniqueness covered. She has the same syllable pattern of such popular names as Natalie, so Wandely's not totally out of the fashion limbo. 

Waverly- If you're going for cuteness, Waverly might be the better choice. The Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place helped propel her into the spotlight. She's currently at an all time high of #1854, but I wouldn't expect to see her in the top 1000 anytime soon.

Wendeline- Wendeline (also spelled Wendaline, Wendoline, and Wendolyn), is a variant of Gwendolyn. But, with a name as scarce as this one, you get to make up your own rules. I suggest pronouncing her WEN-dah-line (rhymes with Caroline) for a modern, more unique form of the name.

Westerly- Directional names are all the rage, but Westerly is not often heard. Westerly is a unisex name, but the -ly suffix makes her a great one to consider for a girl. 

Whimsy- See what I mean? Naming your daughter Whimsy would take a lot of courage. She sounds like a name straight out of celebrity-land, but if you love her, go for it. On the other hand, you could always play it safe and stick her in the middle ;)

Willabelle- The syrupy, fantastical -belle names can be hit-or-miss, but I'm kinda liking Willabelle. She may be a bit over the top, but in this day and age, practically anything is useable. Willa is my choice of nickname. 

Winna- I was so incredibly happy when I discovered this name. I thought Winna was perfect. Then I realized she sounds like "winner" and my heart was broken. That doesn't make her totally unusable, but you better live in a place where they pronounce their R's. 

Winslet- Kate Winslet makes her surname an absolutely gorgeous and accessible option for girls. The sounds are slightly tomboyish, but the touch of Hollywood glam makes Winslet decidedly feminine. 

Wisteria- Wisteria is a beautiful flower and purple hue that you most likely recognize from your Crayola box. It's quite rare to find a four syllable name without an obvious nickname, but Wisteria fits the bill. 

Wynne- Wynn is a traditionally unisex name, but the extra E makes her much more girly. If you would prefer to use her as a nickname, some possible full forms are Gwendolyn, Wendeline, Winslet, and Winter. 

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