Monday, March 23, 2015

Ten Nicknames for Katherine

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Katherine and Catherine are classics. Katherine has never made it out of the top 105, and Catherine has always remained in the top 200. With names as timeless as these, many nicknames have emerged. A few of them are rather dated, but some are ready for revival. Which one would you choose for a little Katherine?

Cat- The spunky, feline Cat would be a delightful nickname for a Catherine. Spelling her Kat gets rid of the animal association, but that can be part of the fun.

Kate- Kate is perhaps the most enduring of all of Katherine's nicknames. She never sounds dowdy, and I can picture her on women of all ages. Kate (or Cate or Cait) is never a bad choice.

Kath- Kath is a powerful, take-charge name. She means business. Kath may not be the cutest nickname for Katherine, but if you're looking for a strong short form, I think Kath is perfect.

Kathy- Kathy (and Cathy) are the most stale names on this list. They peaked in 1958, so we could use another generation before they make their way back in fashion.

Katie- Katie takes the cake for most alternate spellings. Take your pick of Katie, Katy, Catie, Caity, Caitie, Katey, Kati, Catee, or Catey. It's quite the bunch. Katie is by far the most prominent spelling, and ranks at #244 on her own.

Kay- I'm ready for a Kay comeback. Kay and Kaye peaked in the 1940s, but I could see her sneaking back in even earlier than 2040. People are warming up to May and Fay, so why not Kay?

Kit- Historically, Kit has been used on more boys than girls, but right now the genders are pretty even. I prefer Kit on a girl--she's fresh, not too feminine, and plus, there's that sweet American Girl Doll with the name.

Kitty- The retro Kitty would be darling on a Katherine of today. I happen to know one, and her name wears very well. If you like charming, old fashioned nicknames, give Kitty a chance.

Rina- Rina is beautiful, sophisticated, and rarely heard as a nickname for Katherine. She is a legitimate diminutive, and would be lovely on a little girl.

Rynne- Rynne (or Rynn) is a logical nickname for Katherine, yet, out of all the Katherines I know, I've never encountered a Rynne. She's a nice option for many parents, and with Wynn and Wynne rising on the charts, she might become a more popular nickname.

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