Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Names

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Happy first day of Spring! I am so excited that Spring is (finally) here. If you're having a Spring baby, you might want to consider one of these very appropriate, seasonal names.

Flower Names
I have a full list of Unexpected Flower Names right here. Some of my favorites are Aster, Liatris, Lotus, Posy, and Zinnia.

Holiday Names
Easter- Some classic Easter names are Pascal and Pascoe, and you could always just go with Easter.
May Day- Expecting a baby on May 1st? You can't go wrong with the sweet, old-fashioned May.

Month Names
March- March is a great month name for a little boy, regardless of what month he's born in.
April- April is one of the more dated month names, but I still find her charming.
May- I've written countless amounts of posts on May. Some of my favorites are Full Names for May, and May Names
June-June is a lovely name--one that is slowly rising up the charts. She's at #364 now, but I could see her in the top 300 for the 2014 stats.

Seasonal Names
Equinox- The Spring Equinox is tonight, which makes it a perfect name for a baby born today. The nickname Nox makes it more wearable.
Primavera- The Spanish word for Spring is beautiful. Primavera would make a darling first or middle name for a daughter.
Weather Names- With the start of Spring brings new weather--mainly rain for us here is Chicago. Consider a Weather Name for your child, perhaps Rain, Sky, Sunny, Storm, or Rainbow?

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