Monday, March 16, 2015

Nicknames for Jonathan

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Jonathan may have peaked in 1985, but at #42 on the popularity charts, it's safe to say he's still going strong. He's a modern classic, which is appealing to many parents. However, sometimes Jonathan needs a nickname. Whether he's a junior or you just want options, there are plenty of nicknames to choose from.

Jack--Jack is a common diminutive of John, so he makes perfect sense as a nickname for Jonathan. Jack is an every-boy name, but beware--he's popular on his own and as a nickname, so there are more Jacks out there than the data suggests.

John or Jon--You can't beat a classic. Jon is the easiest nickname for Jonathan, and has a standard, sturdy feel.

Johnny--Johnny is definitely dated, but stands at a solid #266 in the top 1000. He is a retro pick that is ripe for revival, along with brothers Billy, Jimmy, and Eddie.

Nat--Nat may be concise, but he sure is suave. If you're looking for an unexpected, classy nickname for Jonathan, Nat's your man.

Nate--Nate is an extremely popular nickname, especially where I live. He can be used as a nickname for Nathaniel or Nathan, but is more surprising when used for Jonathan.

Nathan--Nathan is not often used as a nickname for Jonathan, mostly because he's a popular name in his own right. At #31, he's even more popular than Jonathan. That doesn't mean you can't use him in this way--in fact, it's a great option if you love both Nathan and Jonathan.

Natty--Natty absolutely has a younger feel to him, but sometimes parents are only looking for a young childhood nickname. He's cute, spunky, and upbeat. If he did want to wear the nickname into adulthood, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I know a Natty, and I don't find his name startling at all.

Than--Than is my favorite of this list. He's modern, sleek, and extremely rare. Than is the most unique nickname for Jonathan, and would age nicely.


  1. I like the Nat, however, I couldn't see Natty being usable in Baltimore, Maryland since all that most people, including myself, can picture is Natty Bo (National Bohemian beer).

    1. Interesting regional perspective!