Monday, March 2, 2015

Full Names for Tilly

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Tilly is one of the sweetest nicknames for girls. Tilda has been a recent favorite of mine, and I think Tilly is a darling nickname for her. If you'd like to use this (very British) nickname, I've come up with a list of possible full names for your little Tilly.

Bertilde- She may not be the most fashion-forward name on this list, but Bertilde would make a lovely way to honor a Robert, and you get to call her Tilly.

Chantilly- Chantilly is a type of French lace that works wonderfully as a first name. She has a fun, whimsical spirit.

Clotilde- Clotilde would be a rare pick for an American baby--she's gotten fewer than five uses ever since the 1980s. Tilly makes her modern and usable.

Domitilla- Looking for an interesting way to honor a Dominique? Look no further than Domitilla. She's lengthy and exquisite, so the chirpy nickname Tilly is a perfect balance.

Matilda- The classic full name for Tilly is on the rise. She only ranks in the 600s, but be careful--hipster neighborhoods are known to have quite a few Matildas.

Ottilie- It can be hard to find a long girl name that doesn't scream "princess," but Ottilie is just that. Tilly (or Tillie) is the obvious nickname.

Tallulah- She's a little bit of a stretch, but Tilly is so close to Tally. If you don't love Lu- nicknames, Tilly is a great option.

Tilda- Tilda is a diminutive of Matilda, but makes quite a statement on her own. Tilly is her best (and only) nickname option, if she even needs one at all.

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