Monday, March 9, 2015

Full Names for Loie

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What do you guys think of the name Loie? She's not popular at all, but I do know a few girls with the name. Loie can be used on her own, but she's mostly a nickname. There are so many full names she can be a nickname for, and I've listed the best ones right here.

Bellona- This sweet Italian girls name can be nicknamed Bell or Loie.

Carlotta- The more trendy nickname would be Charlie, but I prefer the unexpected Loie.

Clover- One of the sweetest nature names. Loie is a great nickname if you don't like Clove.

Elodie- Loie is a much less popular nickname than Ella or Elle.

Eloise- I love the idea of an Eloise called Loie.

Harlow- She probably doesn't need a nickname, but Loie is a good option if you want one.

Lois- Lois may sound a little grandma-ish to you, but with a nickname like Loie, she's a fresh and viable option.

Lola- A lovely yet popular name. Loie makes her stand out.

Lolita- The stigma surrounding Lolita is unfortunate--she's a gorgeous name. She is definitely usable with a nickname like Loie.

Lotus- Lotus is an exquisite floral name. Loie might be her only nickname option.

Malone- Malone has a masculine, tomboy feel, so Loie is perfect for when you want a softer sound.

Marlowe- Marley and Loie both work as nicknames for the fast rising Marlowe.

Paloma- Paloma is one of the prettiest names. Loie makes a wonderful nickname.

Penelope- There are so many nickname options for Penelope, but Loie is one of the most unexpected.

Sloane- Do you love Sloane, but not her lack of nicknames? Loie works perfectly.

Willow- Loie is a great nickname for the beautiful Willow.

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