Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 V Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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V names for girls are having a moment. Violet, Vivian, and Valentina are all very trendy, and will continue to climb the charts. Not all the good V names are popular--I have a great list of ones that don't even break the top 1000.

Vale- I wrote this post about Vale right after Savannah Guthrie gave the name to her daughter in August. She will probably get a boost as a celebrity baby name, but I wouldn't expect her to be in the top 1000 for next year.

Verona- This romantic name is one of the best for honoring a Veronica. Verona is the Italian city where Romeo and Juliet takes place, so it would be a lovely choice for a Shakespeare fan.

Veronique- Veronique is the French form of Veronica, and much more current. I've heard it on a few American children, and she is definitely wearable in the U.S.

Vesper- Vesper is a cool, mysterious name that means evening. She's perfect for parents looking for a baby name with an edge. However, a Vesper is a type of cocktail, which may be off putting to some parents.

Vida- Could Vida make it into the top 1000 this year? She is currently at #1308, but she's rising quickly--possibly thanks to Matthew McConaughey's daughter. Vida is a super sweet name, and she has the best meaning--"life."

Vienna- Vienna will definitely break the top 1000 in May. She's at #1004, and is experiencing a rapid rise in popularity. She's one of my favorite place names, and is wonderful for honoring Austrian heritage. Want a subtle connection? The popular surname Wiener means "from Vienna," so she'd be the perfect pick if that was your maiden name or on your family tree.

Viola- There are two pronunciations of Viola. The first (and most popular) is like Violet--vie-OH-lah. the second is like the instrument--vee-OH-lah. Take your pick. They are both beautiful (and make a great alternative to Violet).

Vionnet- Vionnet is another French name, pronounced VEE-oh-nay. She's absolutely stunning, and would make a lovely, unexpected middle.

Viveca- Viveca is my favorite alternative to Vivian, I am constantly suggesting her. She's a Scandinavian name, and like Vida, means "life." Viveca can also be spelled Vivica, like the actress Vivica A. Fox.

Vrai- Looking for an exotic virtue name? Look no further. Vrai is the French word for "truth," and she could definitely work in America. If you're not brave enough to use her as a first name, she'd be a unique pick for the middle position.

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