Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 U Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Here's where it gets difficult. The back end of the alphabet. U was particularly challenging, but I'm glad I put together this list. I found a lot of new names I hadn't heard of before. Check it out.

Ulani- Ulani is such a pretty name. I love the -lani suffix. She would be great if you love Leilani, but not her popularity.

Uli- Uli is simple and sweet. I first fell in love with the name while watching Project Runway in 2006. Designer Uli Herzner is from Germany.

Ulla- She doesn't quite rival Ella, but Ulla (OO-lah) could make a very good alternative. She has Norse roots and means "determination."

Uma- Uma Thurman hasn't inspired anyone to use her name, and that's a shame. Uma is classy and feminine--a perfect combination.

Umaya- Maya is still very popular at #72, but that level of trendiness might turn some parents away. Umaya is an alternate spelling of Amaya (#235), and has never been in the top 1000.

Umbria- Umbria is my favorite of the list. She's a gorgeous region of Italy, and has some of the most delicious food. Umbria has that stylish -bria ending, which makes her perfect for a baby born in 2015.

Umbrielle- Umbria not enough for you? Try Umbrielle. She may look like a made-up variation of Gabrielle, but she has old Latin roots. Umbrielle is a little long though, so you might want to consider nicknames like Uma, Bri, or Ella.

Umeko- Umeko is one of my favorite Japanese names. She means "plum-blossom child," which is the most darling meaning I've ever heard. Plus, it gives you an excuse to call her Plum.

Umina- Umina is a variation of Amina, which ranks at #620. I happen to prefer the Umina spelling, which has never been in the top 1000.

Una- People are more familiar with the Irish spelling Oona, but the slimmer, more phonetic Una might appeal to more parents. She means "one" in Latin, making her perfect for a first born daughter.


  1. When you get to U it really is "names you never thought of using"! But you've managed to find some really good ones - really liking Ulani and Umbria.
    Another one I really like that you haven't mentioned is Ulyssa :)

    1. Ulyssa ia gorgeous! I never heard it before--I definitely would have included her if I had.