Friday, November 28, 2014

Food Names: Desserts

Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? To finish up our mini-series, we are going to profile names of the final course- dessert. What better than to name your baby after your favorite treat? Here's some inspiration.

Angel- For Angel Food Cake. Better on a boy.
Ginger- Gingersnaps and Gingerbread. Second time this week that we've talked about Ginger. She's darling.
Honey- Save this one for a nickname.
Madeleine- Classic, but sounding trendy because of all the Mad- and Add- names.

Ambrosia- A little over the top.
Boston- After Boston Cream Pie. Love it on a boy, very unique.
Cookie- I wouldn't.
Suzette- For Crepes Suzette. A little dated, but Suzie makes her cooler.

Unheard of:
Alaska- Very cool and under the radar.
Blondie- Reserved for '80s pop singers only.
Éclair- A "sweet" way to get to Clair or Clary.
Tiramisu- If you are very brave, this could be an option. Susie is a cute nickname.

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  1. Love this series, Sophie! Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!