Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Names K You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Here's one thing that irks me about K names: they are often times respellings of C names. I tend to prefer the more traditional form, and I'm not about to put names like Konnor or Kristian on this list just because they're not popular. But! That doesn't mean they're all bad. Not in the slightest. I have found ten great choices that hold up to my (high) standards. So let me know what you think (are there any that I've missed?).

Kano- An interesting name that is a funkier alternative to the more preppy Kane.

Keats- Want a name even preppier than Kane? Keats is your man. This guy is prep-city.

Keefe- Simple and tailored, with a nod to Georgia O'Keefe.

Keir- Masculine and suave, plus, a great way to honor a Keira.

Kellam- More interesting and mysterious than Kellan.

Kelvin- Kevin and Melvin sound dowdy on their own, but Kelvin is totally cool and modern.

Kenyon- Collegiate and on-trend. Kenyon is my favorite from this list.

Kiel- Normally he's a nickname for Ezekiel, but I happen to like him on his own, too.

Killian- This is one case when the K spelling came before the C. Cillian may be softer, but Killian is the way to go.

Kyan- All the Ky- names are pretty trendy, but Kyan hasn't caught on. He's a perfect pick if you want something in-style yet unused.


  1. Oooh! I know of a real-life, adult Kelvin! I've never asked, but I think his parents are pretty rad nerds. It's like naming your son Celsius--but way cooler. I like Kreig and Karl, too.

    Love your lists!

    1. Thank you! Kelvin is an awesome nerdy name. Along with Darwin. I know a girl named Darwyn whose parents are biologists.

  2. Killian is my favorite. I also like Keir and Kelvin. Nice picks!