Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10 L Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Will Liam make it to the number one spot? My prediction is yes, but we might not see it happen for another year or two. I find Liam incredibly sweet, but wouldn't ever use him myself. He's just too popular. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don't, but it's hard to deny that there are other great L names out there. I have a great list with ten of them today. And the best part is, they aren't even in the top 1000.

Laird- A tailored and professional name that could easily work on a child as well. Laird is definitely one to put on the list.

Lander- Landon is ranked at 39. Anderson and Anders are both found in the top 1000. Lander is just as stylish as his more popular brothers, but you won't find another one in town.

Lars- I've always had a soft spot for Lars. I think he works even if you're not Scandinavian, but if you won't use him as a first name, he's great in the middle.

Lazlo- Lazlo is such a fun name. He's so happy sounding. He could also be spelled Laszlo, but I prefer this simplified spelling.

Leif- A widely overlooked name that would work so well in America. Spelled Leaf, he'd be perfect for your nature loving Fall baby.

Lester- When I was six, I named one of my baby dolls Lester. I have no idea where I heard the name, but I still like it. He's very old man cool.

Linus- Speaking of old man cool; Linus! He's mainly associated with the Peanuts character, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Besides, it gives you the perfect nursery theme.

Lloyd- He may sound like a curmudgeonly old fellow, but Lloyd is ripe for revival (almost). I really like him, but I know most people don't, so we should give him another decade or two. Just don't put him on the Gone Forever list, because I know he will come back someday.

Locke- Preppy and sophisticated. He would make a great middle name, but Locke also has first name potential.

Lodge- How cool is Lodge? He's very woodsy and rugged; perfect for all those hipster parents.

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