Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10 K Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Have you ever played that game where you pick out your favorite name for each letter of the alphabet? Well, K is always my hardest letter. I just don't love K names. That being said, I really like some of the names on this list (Kahlo is a new guilty-pleasure name of mine). So take a look, and maybe a name or two will surprise you.

Kahlo- Love it, love it, love it. She's on trend, but not trendy, and has a great namesake (the best).

Kalila- Kalila, on the other hand, has a very trendy sound, which she probably won't retain for much longer. But, if you're looking for an unpopular name with a stylish sound, she could be your girl.

Katell- She's a form of Katherine that is never heard in the U.S. I think she'd make a great import, and a wonderful alternative to Kate.

Keela- Keela seems sweet and innocent, yet I can picture her on a woman of any age.

Kerensa- This was my top choice for the Kimye baby back when we were in denial over the whole  "North West" thing. She's got the movie-star glam and star potential.

Keziah- There are two girls in my grade with this name. One pronounces it KEZ-ee-uh, and the other kez-EYE-uh. I prefer the former (it's the original), but either works for this distinctive biblical name.

Kia- Short and sweet. I think the only reason people haven't embraced this name is because of the car brand, but I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal.

Kit- Remember that game I was talking about? Kit is always my answer for girls. Fair warning: if you name your daughter Kit, be prepared to buy all of the American Girl themed items. Though the doll's real name is Margaret.

Kedzie- She's got that andro-girly charm. A nice pick for parents who want something a little less popular than Kenzie.

Kimball- A unisex name that will probably work better for girls these days. Kimball would be a nice way to honor all the Kimberlys that will be grandparents in about ten years. So keep this one in your back pocket if you're my age.

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